Aspergers on conversation

People with Aspergers tend to carry on a conversation way to long. The assumption is that if they say just the right thing that they can fix any situation. Some situations are unsalveable, what you are really doing is taking a small tear in the relationship and making it enormous. Some situations, people need to learn to shut up and simply move on.

People with Aspergers are some of the nicest people. They know what its like to have people mean to them. I have heard it all, from what are you a moron or a retard, I am more concerned about what I haven’t heard like  “so do you like wanna make out or what?”

People with Aspergers apparently don’t know that they should ask questions my problem is that I ask too many questions. For example, I was talking to a fellow performer who was going on the road and I asked him what time his flight was at. This seems like a good general question a way to get conversation rolling and he asked “what are you going to come and pick me up?” No, I just wanted to know what you are doing out so late if the plane was early the next morning. People, however, aren’t supposed to take any interest in affairs that don’t concern them. So much for being friendly huh? 

Although, people with Aspergers are not the only awkward people. For example, I asked someone if they knew what night they were for a contest. They simply replied, “Yes”. When someone asks you that, a person should read between the lines and realize what they are asking is “do you know what night you are for the contest?”

If someone with aspergers is overly friendly that does not necessarily mean that they are flirting just that they don’t know the appropriate level. Get over yourself!! However, people with Aspergers also have a hard time presenting their emotions subtely therefore they make actually be flirting with you and you’ll never realize it until you have missed the opportunity to date a great guy. Lots of people reading this may think why are you always presenting people with Asperger  as male the reason is the majority are male and females with Aspergers are not nearly as pronounced.

People with Aspergers also don’t realize the transition between being friends at work and real friends. I mean I got along with a girl so I asked her to hangout, next thing I know it I get accused of stalking her. Also the phone conversation is the most awkward thing ever, because even if they give you their phone number, they never actually think you’ll call.

People with Aspergers can’t read body language or tonal language as quickly as other people therefore, if I stare too long it means that you are either really weird looking, attractive or I have no clue what the heck you are actually saying. Also if people don’t expect you to stare at their chest then why are there words near the pectoral area make up your mind whether it is acceptable to look or not.  I mean I don’t want to stare and your lovely breasts, however, the image really attracts attention. If women really didn’t want the attention why not move the image down so that it is lower on the stomache instead?


  1. Jomama says:

    This is super funny! I am laughing with you, not at you… lol..

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