Aspergers on the Jets

Posted: July 6, 2012 in Uncategorized

Aspergers on the jets

Well they are getting ready for a new season.  So here’s some preseason thoughts. I hate changes I wanted the jets from last year to all come back minus Fehr just because I hate changes and Fehr is a bum. Like a male bum. Ewww gross. How can a bum be sexy thats where excretions come out of how gross.

I really liked Tanner Glass he wasn’t the best player, he wasn’t the fastest guy but he always worked hard. He reminds me of me. Only I am a 4th line player on the River Heights Cardinals instead of the Winnipeg jets no biggie. But I wish him well on his journey as a penguin. Now if only Crosby can stay healthy for a season he has the worst luck with his health. I guess that’s the cost of being the best hockey player in the world besides Hayley Wickenheiser.

Olli Jokinen has a funny name. Ollie who names their kid that. Although I did love Olli Olli Octopus as a child what a fun game.

Going to jets game are so much fun all the stimulation and excitement. Its also so fun to see people I know at games because in my mind its like you like hockey too. Also I never want to be at a party where I don’t know anyone because it doesn’t sound like the cool kids party.

They have the best food at games but so expensive and I hate lines boo-urns.

I also am annoyed with the choices of beer they should get sponsored by a good beer company like half-pints or keiths.

The new logo is growing on me thats good.

I also think thats stupid that the jets traded a draft pick for a goalie who didn’t even sign here. They should get their draft pick back.

I am glad Pavelvic stayed here even though I can never pronounce his name correctly.


This has been another session of Aspergers.





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