Aspergers on the gym

Posted: July 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Aspergers on the gym

People with Aspergers don’t always know where the appropriate place to try and make friends is, for example, I often see someone on another elliptical machine at the gym and just want to go start a conversation. Most of the time one restrains themselves because they suddenly become shy. Therefore, is reduced to stalking by staring at them and looking at what they are watching on their televisions. I don’t know what’s creepier someone staring at you or someone coming up to the gym and trying to start a conversation. Both are probably major no-nos.

 Though it seems mighty unfriendly of a place a bunch of people working towards the same goal using the same machines and yet not communicating. I mean, I want to go up to someone and be like, “so what do you prefer the stairmaster or the ski-machine when you’re trying to get the best work-out?” “Do you ever get really bored when there is nothing on television and you forgot your Ipod?” “Are you new to working out because you look very plump, therefore, I am willing to give you any advice or answer any questions if you have any. Sure I am not the trainer but I am 4 times a week, and I think that’s quite often. Although, now I want to start alternating by going to the pool a few of those days because apparently swimming is really good exercise. Oh you’re leaving now? Are you walking to the water fountain? because if you want I can walk with you!”

Working out with a friend makes working out so much more enjoyable and yet often I can’t find anyone who has a similar schedule to me and as I mentioned before making friends at the gym isn’t that easy. Listening to an Ipod can get repetitive no matter how many songs you have in there over a 40 minute span. Does anyone know of any great bands that I should be listening to?

It’s also frustrating because there are some people at the gym who can lift so much more weight than me;  and I often end up using the machines after them instead of really weak people who lift less weight than me. I wonder if I should change the weight after I am done using the machine, therefore, the next person to use the machine is really impressed with how much I can lift.

I know it’s not really a competition because what are you going to do if you have the biggest muscles in the gym or can lift the most weight. However, often I am trying to feel normal and just as good as anyone else therefore, I often want to be the best instead of the average Joe which would probably be the norm. A problem with this thought, though is you don’t know who used it last and therefore, assume an average Joe was the last person to use the machine.

Having Aspergers also means that you have poor hand-eye-coordination which means that you do worse at certain exercises which requires good to moderately good hand-eye-coordination. Like lifting your right arm and left leg at the same time. Therefore, you cannot blow away the girls in yoga or pilates classes.

Really having Aspergers does not help at all in the gym.


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