Aspergers on Aspergers

Posted: July 15, 2012 in aspergers
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Many groups of disabled people such as deaf people do not think of themselves as disabled. They think of themselves as “otherly” able. They form their own languages and have strong communities.

People with Aspergers tend to not think of themselves as “otherly abled”. For example, Spiderman and Superman can both do the same job but in different ways. Therefore, are differently abled, people with Aspergers do not have qualities that make up for their shortcomings; instead they are more like Rudy from the football movie about Notre Dame football, Rudy.

No matter what we work really hard but we are not as big or fast as the others playing the game. We have our own strengths such as being the hardest working people and we see the world from the perspective from the underdog which gives us advantages in certain areas but unlike the deaf community if you asked anyone of us if we would rather be normal we would jump if given the opportunity. Part of the problem why we do not establish the same strength of community is that we fit in different places of the spectrum for example, some people lead normal lives despite receiving a diagnosis of Aspergers, get jobs get married and have normal lives. Other people need more assistance. I am on the higher end of the spectrum and the only place my disability has a large impact on my life is with women. I still have not had my first relationship I have come close a few times but no success. I have had my first make-out session with a bride who was about to take the dive and get married the next day. She was also dressed as a hot pirate as was the rest of her bridal party. After the girl kissed me, however, none of them wanted anything to do with me and the experience, alas came to an end. While the deaf community on the other hand are united because they have their own language and are more separate from the rest of society.

Most articles about Aspergers in the newspaper are about how they do not have imaginations and lack a sense of humor. Therefore, when I say that I am the sexiest person with a blog out there, you can take it as a fact. This lack of imagination is one reason why people with Aspergers struggle with irony because they cannot imagine that something is true which is not. I am a stand-up comedian but how funny I am is up to debate, after all I did only make it to the semi-finals where I lost to Ben Walker, in my fourth year of the Rumors Funniest comedian with a Day job contest. This series of blogs, however, is to prove to the contrary that some people with Aspergers can understand humor and that there is more to us than you read about in the newspapers or in most books that are out on the market right now. Ultimately having Aspergers sucks but if I did not have Aspergers than I would not have this opportunity to prove how wrong you all are about our lack of imagination, sarcasm and sense of humor. We are in fact much more capable and less capable than others give us credit for. In case, you needed another example of our imagination I still think I am going to make a living as a travelling comedian. Maybe my problem is the opposite that instead of not having an imagination I live in my imagination and have no grasp on reality. At least that’s what my mom tells me every single day.

It’s annoying when people think of other people with disabilities as disabled people but it is equally annoying when people with disabilities and others think there is nothing wrong with disabled people and that they are just as good as everyone else. Yes we can accomplish the same things as “able-bodied” individuals but it is much harder to do so, do not delude yourself.


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