Aspergers on the Library

Posted: July 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

The library is a great place to work if you have Aspergers. One reason why the library is such a great place to work for someone who suffers from Aspergers is that a person rarely has to deal with new social interactions where they cannot draw on previous experience like in fields such as business. Also another great perk of my job is that I am not responsible for making sales therefore, it does require me to push anything which is great. It’s like working in a candy store but more prestigious. Although, there are probably more upset customers that I have to deal with than if I was working in a candy store. How can anyone be in a bad mood when they enter a candy store? Particularly a candy train on its way to sweet sweet heaven and tummy ache land.

What I envision a candy train looking like.

What it looks like.                             What working on a candy train is probably more like

                                                        Overwhelmed work

 There are a few people who come into the library who are upset that they have to pay late fees but these people are ridiculous what kind of person takes a book out of the library returns it late and then gets angry about having to pay 40 cents. Don’t be a douche return your books on time.

It is good that at the library we are not responsible for a sales quota or whatever because having Aspergers means we often say the wrong thing plus we are not exactly the most persuasive people ever when we struggle with social interactions and figuring out all the messages that are going on underneath the surface.

In addition the library is a very quiet place without too much stimulation which makes it easier to focus on what you have to do without getting distracted. Many people who have Aspergers can freak out when over stimulated, that is not much of a problem however; when it comes to the bedroom because if you are a male with this disorder chances are you are not having ladies over. In addition, sometimes the library downtown can be quite noisy and rowdy luckily, that is what the security guards are there for.

Another great reason why libraries make a great place for people with Aspergers is it provides them routine tasks to get lost in. I can just sit on a stool and organize a cart that is about to be shelved for ages without getting bored. However, when I do get bored I can simply switch to another routine task such as putting books in delivery boxes for other library locations. Doing any routine job for too long gets boring. I don’t care what job that is even if it is working on a candy train.


For all those reasons that is why working in the library rocks hardcore.

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