Aspergers on strengths and weaknesses of blog so far

Posted: July 16, 2012 in Uncategorized

Aspergers on strengths and weaknesses

First off the part of the title which is, Aspergers in Aspergers on then the topic sounds like a joke about being  something you don’t want to get on your couch. “Make sure to not track any Aspergers on to the new sofa.”

Or something you don’t want to eat on a cracker.

                   curtesy of Noble


There are many great strengths about this blog so far such as the fact that people are actually reading it and writing me super supportive messages which is a major bonus. When I started out this blog was primarily to get me writing so that stand-up material would come easier. So far very few jokes that I have put into the blog would work well on the stage but Lindsay cleverly pointed out that in the gym blog I talk about changing the weight after I am done so that everyone thinks I am doing a lot more weight than I am actually doing. That sounds like there is clearly stand-up material somewhere in there.


People have been thinking that I have been writing from the heart. Not sure exactly what the heck that means as I just write, but the fact that people like it is always a good thing.

One major flaw in this blog is the fact that I am terrible with punctuation and editing and everyone has been kind in not being put off by this. I would like to say that I am a big concept person instead of a detail person but truth is I am pretty bad with organizing the big picture as well. If I was going to write from the heart I would probably put something about never imagining being a stand-up comedians and when I started I imagined I would be much further ahead than I actually am. I thought I was going to be a school teacher. Major stinker planning there. As I mentioned in an earlier post as some people with Aspergers struggle with imagination it seems like I, sometimes (ok all the time) struggle with reality. However, this major flaw is being dealt with as Alysa Friesen has agreed to help edit my blogs major Yaye. That is so awesome so hopefully my blog will no longer be as hard on the eyes.  

 Profile Picture

 Another issue that should probably be addressed is the lack of visual images, Melanie Dahling’s blog, Smacks of Narcissism or something like that is very visually pleasing because she puts effort into finding just the right images for every post. Wow my reading other people’s blogs has actually come in useful who would imagine that, that would ever happen. What can I say me and my girl, Sarah (Palin), are mavericks.


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