Aspergers on Sports

Posted: July 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

Sports are great running after a ball, puck or frisbee. However, nothing can be more fustrating for someone with Aspergers because most of us have really bad hand-eye-coordination. It is annoying when you struggle with the most routine catches and it really deflates a person’s ego. No matter how hard you work if you can’t catch the frisbee then there is nothing more fustrating. It makes you not want to play and makes something that you should love into something that is a source of anguish.

Grown-ups are constantly telling people how little being good at sports actually counts, however, this is simply not true. The people who are the best athletes in high school and younger are admired and as a result they are the more confident self-assured people, which carries over into other areas of their lives. Nothing is more annoying and disappointing to work your tail off to sit on a bench and see other people play win or lose. If they are winning you want to share in the glory and if you lose you wish you were in there making a difference that everyone has the self-delusional idea that they think they can make.

Sports stars act like idiots and yet are looked up to and pampered take Pavelic he gets caught drunk driving with a crazy blood alcohol level and yet as a result of his work in the sports field he is still supported, defended and loved by the people. Athletes can get away with crazy shit that other people can only wish they could get away with.


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