Aspergers on the Fringe

Posted: July 21, 2012 in Uncategorized

Maybe the title of the blog should be Aspergers on fringe again as not many people know much about the disability. Only 1 in a thousand people know about the disability. However, I am not referring to that fringe that alternative way of living no I am talking about the Winnipeg Fringe Festival.

As I mentioned in my previous blog it is hard to make friends, therefore, there is almost a desperation to try and make everyone happy by supporting the people you know by attending their shows. This creates a number of problems first off there is the financial concerns that if its 10 dollars a show how many shows can anyone afford to go to. There is also the issue of time constraints that keep people from going to as many shows as possible. A third and less discussed issue is the issue of ADHD or how many darn shows that are all one hour can someone put themselves through. While, all the shows that I have seen so far have been extremely well-acted the majority could have been 30 minutes and only D’N’D needed the full hour. I guess this could also be considered the watching anything for a really long time where there is no explosions or nudity is really really hard effect.

Therefore, if you can’t make everything how to do you decide what to attend? First off you eliminate all the shows you don’t know anyone in. If you don’t know the performers they can’t be offended if you don’t attend. Then you eliminate all the stand-up shows where the comedians are well-respected in the community and don’t need your support because their show is already going to sell-out. Once you have eliminated those you still have quite alot of choice, then you eliminate those that happen every second tuesday at the Kings’s head throughout the year but you can’t really eliminate it because every year you plan on attending and haven’t made it down once yet. Once you have eliminated or not eliminated these shows that still gives you a large number of shows and therefore you plan to appologize to everyone whose show you can’t make it to.

There are multiple ways of appologizing there’s the basic “sorry”, “there’s I was going to but your show was already sold out by the time I got there.”  “there’s the I had to work sorry” and many more.

I am jealous of my friends in the fringe because it means that most of them are double threats (does being able to do stand-up make you a triple threat?). They can carry a tune and can act. As most people know I am tone deaf let’s just blame that on Aspergers but truth being I odn’t if its related but my whole family is tone-deaf. I am also a terrible actor its a shame and waste of talent and my good looks but ya can’t act for the life of me. But the people in the fringe can really act.

The social aspect is great where ever you turn there are people to talk to which is great. Makes it much easier than spending time searching for an individual person. I wonder if I should have printed up pamphlets and should be telling people at the fringe about this great blog.



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