Aspergers on my secret obsession

Posted: July 27, 2012 in comedy
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I bet you guys think I am going to reveal something secret about myself that no one else knows. Like that I am secretly obsessed with glasses or shaving cream cans and that I have collected them for ages upon ages. Well in this post I will reveal my secret obsession but it is none of the above.

I have always prided myself on not fitting the textbook description for Aspergers and tried to deny that I even had it. When I do I think, well I get along with people pretty well the only area I am truly lacking is romantically. For example, one of the symptoms is that people with the disability tend to have a narrow scope of interest and engage in repetitive actions. I thought that can’t possibly be me, I have a wide range of interests. But the truth is, this matches me to the T. I behave in compulsive ways towards playing card games on my computer, whether its Spider Solitaire, or Hearts. I constantly have a screen open with one of these games open, no matter what I am doing on the computer from watching a lecture, going on facebook or watching a video. I have always thought that was weird, what about these games make me want to constantly waste my time on them, and lets be honest playing these games is a waste of time. Before I discuss it I want to say that finding this on the Aspergers Wiki was quite reassuring and helped explain why I do it. In the past people could use the excuse that they liked card games because they liked to sit in a circle but when your alone at your desk you’re hardly sitting in a circle. It could be the simple straightforward rules in a world that I often find complicated and overwhelming. I mean what do people really mean when you are talking to them. There are always mixed messages and complications and the rules are never clear because social situations are always changing. So we have established why I play video games but why card games.

Probably because of the simplicity of them. I mean shooter video games and war games like civilization you are responsible for a whole big map and you don’t want to lose a single piece because who wants to see one of your men die. I might not be able to form emotional relationships with people but its not because I don’t care.  War first player shooter up games like the hilarious Dan Huen plays, also quickly lose their appeal to me because part of having Aspergers means that I have horrible hand-eye-coordination and am constantly the first person to die. This is also the same reason why I don’t play racing games. (Does Dan Huen? You’ll just have to ask him to find out!)

And then there are RPGS where you are offered a million choices and every choice you make sends you down a different road. When you are afraid to make choices because you keep misreading signals in real life and want to do it all RPGS eventually consist of you saving your game constantly and going back and making the other choice just so you don’t miss out on some fun that everyone else is having and you know you would be having too if you didn’t have Aspergers and people invited you to their super awesome party instead of not letting you know so you end up at home on a saturday night watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Which ultimately just leaves you with simple card games that don’t overstress your brain.

Therefore, I am just like all other people with Aspergers and am not as “normal” or as “unique” as I thought I was.


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