Aspergers on the olympics

Posted: July 31, 2012 in sports
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Canada is not doing so hot in this year’s olympics and I am more than okay with that. A person has to begin to ask how much money should we putting towards winning Olympic medals which helps one or two individuals instead of putting the money towards a more worthwhile cause. Canada’s health care system needs to be rehauled wait times are often too long. Immigrants are still struggling, and libraries budgets are getting cut drastically. Yet somehow, Canada has 27 million dollars to put into the olympic athletes. The return on putting tax dollars into libraries is 10x greater in every way than putting the money into the olympic athletes.

I say let the athletes do sports as a hobby like the rest of us and have a day job to support themselves. IF they win and its a major if then they will get major corporation dollars to endorse everything. It’s like taxing people so the Winnipeg Jet’s Kane can live like a king on 10 million dollars. Let the people who care about it make special donations. Or even put a discretionary clause into taxes and give people the option give Cindy Klassen the money or give it to a library or a soup kitchen for the homeless. Some people argue but we need the athletes as role models, don’t we have enough role models in parents, teachers firemen and Dancing Gabe. Katniss is going to be as big or a bigger influence for Canadian children to take up archery than any of our athletes will be. The arguement that people won’t play sports without these people is ridiculous people play sports because they are fun not because joe-shmoo does it .

Let’s at least put the money into obscure sports that no one else is putting money into in order to get the most bang for the buck.


Also, the idea of supporting one man over another simply because he is Canadian is kind of ridiculous. What if I have more in common with the Australian and would have a better time over a beer than the man from Canada just because he’s from the same place that  I am from.  That is my two cents on the olympics.

  1. loubyjo says:

    umm got mixed fealins on the olympics although the brits are doing really well !! i think it is really nice to see so many countries all together doing sport as gives a general feal good factor but how long this will last is anyones guess when you mention the amount of money spent yer it is a lot but e ven when your country not doing well it is inspirATIONAL !! WETHER I WILL rember the olympics by october is another thing all together

    • mrasperger says:

      Louby I am guessing you are a Brit. Yes the Olympics is nice to see all the countries compete, my problem is with the amount of money spent compared to the return that comes from it. But it is very inspirational, but so is having a good health care system. Even if the athletes were given less money therefore, did not do as well they would still be as inspirational. This inspiration effect is short lived compared to other uses of the same money. Having said that, Go Canada I hear we finally got our first gold medal in women’s trampoline.

      • loubyjo says:

        I agree olympics and the so called heros are fast fading just hope the paralyimpics inspire as much and that people even get time to watch. I agree with yur points but we just have to hope something good comes out it yer i am a brit and already having arguements about playing fields over here but i guess things like healthcare is a never ending pot of need I am very grateful to our healthservice in the uk for although not perfect from what i have seen better than most being a diabetic i use it a lot

      • mrasperger says:

        Thanks for your awesome reply you make some really great points

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