Aspergers on why I can’t do improv

Posted: August 1, 2012 in life
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Maybe they are right that people with Aspergers have no imagination because I definitely could not commit and imagine things that did not exist the way the improvers did last night. When the improvers picked apples they actually envisioned seeing the apples that they were picking and were thus able to mime it accurately. I could pretend I am picking apples but I would never be able to see them using my mind’s view that it would have the same clarity and accuracy they did last night. I can’t really imagine anything that I do that requires me to use my imagination as much. Sure I am a stand-up comedian but thats just finding the funny in things that already exist and not pulling them out of thin air. Also the way how they interact with each other in the most subtle ways and have conversations within conversations. Lady I do not do subtle, I do stumbly and brass. That’s why one of my classmates told me I would never have been a knight in the middle ages but rather a blacksmith with a big war axe which makes sense.

All I can do is marvel at their skill. Improver’s I salute you.


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