Aspergers on facebook

Posted: August 2, 2012 in aspergers, computers
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Eww gross Aspergers is on your face.. book. How disgusting is that. You can try and try to wash but you won’t be able to get Aspergers off of facebook.

It’s natural that people with Aspergers would like facebook as its a great equalizer in many ways. There is no secret body or tonal language to be read. What you mean when you write is as foggy or clear as you make it. Relationship status is clear, for the most part, therefore a person with Aspergers generally knows where they stand when they flirt with a girl. If we know how to flirt that is, as flirting is often misconstrued. (That’s a funny word, let’s all say it on the count of 3. 3… 2… 1… Misconstrued. Great, good job everyone, if you have done it right you should be laughing hysterically as well.) Its also much easier to make facebook friends than it is to make genuine friendships. Although, I want to jump up and down on the like button and crush it. When you give someone a compliment they shouldn’t just click “like” but should have to type in a quick message like thank you. I am pretty sure that the creator of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg had Aspergers, as he had many of the traits such as poor social skills, saying odd things, as well as obsessing over a narrow field where he could spend hours upon hours doing repetitive tasks.

Facebook, however, can also still suck for people with Aspergers. Make us feel like we are back in high school watching television, like Buffy the vampire slayer for hours instead of getting invited to the cool parties. How do we know we aren’t getting invited to the parties because facebook told us so. In the past we may have had suspicions that everyone else was at a party but now people are putting up status’s and picture’s from the parties that we never recieved the invite for. Is it better to just have suspicions or have actual proof, the answer there is quite clearly vague suspicions.

  It is also just another medium for me to make a fool of myself, and it’s easier to make a dumb fool of myself on facebook than it is when you actually have to pick up a phone or worse in terms of work. Plus everything is just way more public than it was in the past.

That is my two cents on facebook. Facebook has both its pros and cons just like everything else its just about knowing what they are that’s important.


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