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Life is a pain, in the neck a pain in the side, and a pain the back. Life is going to throw more at you than you can handle and what do we do when we get bullied, we bully others. However, we can’t just take our aggression out on a random stranger or an acquaintance for one thing they simply do not care enough about us to take the abuse. Instead we turn around and bully those who love us enough to take our abuse willingly and unwillingly because we know they like us enough to forgive us. In turn sometimes we take their abuse and grumble and moan about it and have our feelings hurt but then we forgive them the minute they appologize.     

One time I went off on my brother and my sister-in-law for like five minutes because they were twenty minutes late to pick me and my granny up. Was I waiting in the middle of the rain? At school, where I had absolutely nothing to do and was going out of my mind? To all of these questions there is a resounding no. I was at home sitting on the computer, where I had a million and one options of things to do while waiting. My grandmother was not even there for most of the time and only arrived five minutes before they did.

I think most of the domestic fights are a result of life bullying us and us needing an outlet. Now, don’t take this the wrong way and think I am tolerant of abuse of any kind which I am not. I am simply saying that it is great that family gives us an outlet for our feelings that we can’t contain inside and would not be healthy if we could because it would get really ugly if we bottled it up till it was a red rage. Having Aspergers or any kind of disability, life is harder than it is for other people because we feel less in control of our own lives. I am just lucky that I have such good friends and family who are so quick to forgive me when I vent out with verbal diarrhea because I can be a real tyrant.