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Life is beautiful. Stop a second and smell the flowers. There are way too many unhappy people in the world. Sure I don’t have a monopoly on shitty lives and I am sure getting cancer or having your boyfriend sucks. But stop a second and think about it, I don’t have that many friends, I am still a 26 almost 27 year old virign who’se never even come close and has never had a relationship and all the other problems that I have mentioned in my blog thus far, and yet I am still generally pretty happy. Then there’s still even my whole dream of being a teacher which I aspired to ever since I was in Junior High falling apart on me and becoming a nightmare and I still move on. So whats’s your excuse from not seeing the sunnyside of life? Is your life really so bad?

I am not discussing the people who are clinically depressed here, because that has to do with a chemical in-balance in your body, but you know what you can still get some anti-depressants or there are treatments that you can recieve so that you can keep on smiling. People who walk around with crummy attitudes or an attitude “that the world owes them more” are just annoying. Only by being positive no matter how hard that is will you draw positive things towards yourself such as promotions, friends and yes even romantic interests.

So keep on smiling all you pretty people. Find the good things in life that make you happy like this Banana and Chocolate crepe.