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Posted: August 7, 2012 in Uncategorized, writing
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  So I was talking to another writer the other day and she was telling me that I have to have a regular schedule for posts, whether that’s daily, weekly etc. The hardest part about any performance piece or any time of writing is being consistent. Especially on demand. There are few things tougher than writing your best work when you have a deadline looming like a giant wave ready to drown you. First it seems far off, so you feel that you can put it off, there is nothing to worry about. You’ll have plenty of time to think of great ideas. But it keeps getting closer and closer and you still have not thought of that award winner. That idea that will knock everyone’s socks off. Until you feel ready to drown, meanwhile, you are trying to save yourself by scribbling down an idea as fast as you can. You know its not your best work but anything to buy you a little breathing room so that you are not swallowed up. Just as that wave is about to hit you, you hit publish. You have saved yourself for another day. It may have not been your best work but you hope maybe you can fool a few folks into liking it. You sigh a sigh of relief and then you clear your eyes and gaze out and there is another baby wave far off in the distance.

     Don’t get me wrong writing blogs is easy. Anyone can do it. Just like anything is easy, the hard part is doing something well. But the only way to really get good at something is by doing it often enough. To write often you need to learn how to come up with ideas and once you have wrote a few blogs you feel lost about what you are going to write about next. While the whole time the wave is getting larger. After a while, you begin to reject the first few ideas that come into your head because its not simply good enough to just write about anything. No, the quality of the idea is just as important as the quantity and after every blog it becomes harder to think of another quality idea because you begin to have covered more and more territory. The convenient and save places to stand where you will be save from the waves  are no longer visible,  and frankly when you look around its difficult to see where the next one is going to come from.  You begin to get scared, it’s not simply enough to be protected from the waves but you have to make progress towards the far shore. Make more allies in this fight and get them to stick with you  after all what’s the point of making it to the other side if you are all alone? How can you compete against your earlier success when things were easier and there was less at stake. At the time you didn’t know how easy it was or even if you were making the right dicisons, but now things seem so much harder. How are you going to predict what will work again? While you keep wishing victories would  simply come to you like some kind of conjurer’s trick.  Something that goes poof out of thin air that you just need to simply  reach out and grab and not waste blood and tears on. 

  The pressure from on the oncoming waves, the exhaustion and fear coming from fighting the fight is enough for a person to want to quit and get out of the ocean. Let someone else deal with the waves.  Just as you are beginning to stand up and walk to the shore, you think “what the heck” I’ll give it one more try. At this moment you realize that you are addicted, no matter how difficult staying one step ahead is you figure what the heck is there anything else I would rather be doing? And you realize-no- I guess not. There is nothing like having people admire you for being a great writer (no matter how false this rings to your ears) and no one so far has called me out on my terrible entries and failures that have fallen short so there is nothing to do but keep going.

Earlier in the beginning of this blog I said there are few things harder than writing well, consistently. One of those things is attracting an audience and another is talking to women. It would be easier for me to write a million award winning blogs, than it would be to ask a girl out for coffee and get a yes.

PS. Canada’s women’s soccer team was robbed by the referees who wanted to keep the status quo and keep the underdog down tisk tisk.

Shout out to Tyler Penner.

  1. madebymeghan says:

    I like your analogy that writing (conquering the wave) is like an addiction. It is true … I get antsy, and then pissy, if I go too long without being creative – editing doesn’t seem to count for me, I have to be writing or working on something new almost all the time.

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