Aspergers on should symbols remain symbols or turned into flesh?

Posted: August 7, 2012 in comedy, life, Uncategorized
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I like to get caught up in alternative realities. No I do not believe in witches or dragons, but when watching television I like to believe the characters are real and they are not just actors. If you asked me who played Aunt Zelma from Sabrina the Teenage Witch I would probably reply with an answer like I don’t know. I know that characters are played by actors I just don’t like to think about it. For example, I know Aunt Zelma from Sabrina is played by Caroline Rhea, but when I see her I prefer to think of Aunt Zelma. I don’t want to know that she does things that are out of character or that she is not always someone’s wacky aunt.  This could be for many reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is that growing up I did not have lots of friends because of my social awkwardness, therefore, the characters in the shows were my friends. They were always consistent and acted a certain way, as a result you knew how they were going to act. You could also visit them at any time and nothing drastically would have changed. Sabrina would still be getting in trouble Salem would still be a talking cat, but you knew by the end of the 30 minutes they would be able to solve any problem no matter how big or small. Another good friend of mine was Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I could always count on her to make smart alec remarks which were never as funny as she thought they were and act like a complete ditz, but when it came down to it she was always extremely loyal to her friends and brave in the face of any dangerous beast she may face.

I could not say the same thing about the people I knew whose actions seemed random to me and made absolutely no sense at all. I was therefore, always on edge when interacting people and worrying when they would turn nasty and smack me, call me a nasty name or laugh at me.  Things could be going marvellously and I could spend an afternoon with nothing going wrong. Other times things could start off going marvellously and my friend may betray me to get on the good side of a girl. Then there were other times were I was just in social situations where I did not know how to act and anything I said or did was simply wrong. There was no way of fixing my problems or coming out on top of the afternoon by using a little spunk and wit.

Therefore, the realization that the person I thought I knew was only playing an actor and was as unpredictable in real life as anyone else was a nasty realization to me.  In my adult life I have been granted some amazing oppertunities. At the Winnipeg Comedy Festival last year, Caroline Rhea came to perform in a show and was going to the after party. I, however, did not want to meet her and have her shatter my illusions in any way. I apperently did not miss much because so many people wanted to talk to her she did not have any time to have any real conversations and had to leave early in the evening anyways.

 Actors, themselves, when they are in the public eye are a type of character. For example. not only is Angelina Jolie, Lara Croft the Tomb Raider but she is also Angelina Jolie the thrill seeker who adopted 5 children and is married to Brad Pitt. Jolie has always seemed exotic and dangerous to me filled with sexy energy. Therefore, I would be terribly disappointed to go over to her house for tea and see her have to do her children’s laundry or yell at her children to clean up after themselves. This would fit into the category of definitely not sexy.

   This line of thinking is particularly pertinent to me because recently my friend was at the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal with her English boyfriend who was performing in it. She had an incredible time getting to attend many shows and many after-parties and even got to go on a double date with Patton Oswald and Asizz from Parks and Recreations.  At first I was jealous because Patton Oswald is one of my heroes and she was going to spend a whole evening with him.


I mean there is million dollar industries created on exposing these people for being as flawed as the rest of us magazines like entertainment weekly, shows like entertainment tonight, biographies about what their childhood was like. Do I really want to know how these people came to be where they are? Or do I simply want to look at them as Stars who live the most incredible glamorous lives imaginable. Lives that I can only dream about and aspire to, where there is more going on in a day than simply doing laundry and walking the dog to look forward to.

After all this thought, I say, go ahead have your great time. I am going to my computer room and am going to watch Paton’s one hour comedy special again. Don’t tell me any personal information when you get back just tell me it was incredible and the best night of your life.


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