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So I was out at the bar last night with some female friends and turns out my face was filthy from the chicken wings that I had just eaten. Boy did I feel foolish when I walked around like that all night and made an ass of myself. When I asked my friend why she hadn’t told me like any good friend should do she said its because I usually don’t look at your face, which raises the question is it that hideous or is she just a weirdo. I know in some cultures not making eye contact is considered the norm and to stare at someone directly in the face but that does not seem the norm in mainstream North American culture. Instead you are expected to make eye-contact with the person you are talking to. How do I know? My mom gave me a lecture for not looking at everyone’s face at the table when I was too tired to do so and was sort of just daydreaming. Therefore, it raises the question if she just thinks my face is too hideous or if she is just a weirdo. I know staring is wrong, I mean I have got in trouble for staring at girl’s asses breasts and faces for too long. How long do you have to look at someone before its considered staring? If I look into your eyes without saying anything for 5 seconds 10 seconds 2 minutes is that staring? What about if I watch you sleeping for 5 hours is that considered staring and creepy?

How many potential bed mates did I scare away last night just because she wouldn’t say anything like a true friend? I mean no matter how good looking you look if you walk around with a filthy face all night chances are you are likely to scare away girls. The girls you don’t scare away you should probably be scared of yourself. So thanks, thanks alot buddy boy. What is the responsibilities of a friend is it to be nice and not say anything or is it to speak up and not let your friend make a fool of themselves. I think its too speak up.  It’s like a friend does not let another friend drive home drunk, therefore they should not let another friend cruise around a bar with a filthy face. You are thinking but aren’t you being a little unfair passing all the blame off onto someone else? Well I can’t see myself duh. Yes I bear some of the responsibility in this case but that is not what is being discussed what is being discussed is what is the responsibility of a friend so stop trying to change the subject.

In the end you think people have your back, but you can’t trust anybody.