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Lately I have been avoiding my home like its a monster house which will swallow me alive. House hungry grr. Ever since I have been done my masters I have no clue what to do with myself. As I did not have time for a hobby when I was at school I don’t have any since my hobby during my time doing a masters was reading and writing essays and watching lectures. Now, however, the second I am home I instantly become bored and look for any local shows going on in the community to go out to. I need to learn how to become more comfortable in my skin I guess and comfortable with flicking on the television and watching whatever I have TiVod or reading a book. I could also take up a hobby such as woodworking, using a big sharp saw to cut wood while it’s resting on a plank. A real man’s man kind of hobby building book shelves or tables, with the next nail that I am going to hammer in between my teeth. Then eventually when people in the neighbourhood need something built they will turn to me and I will become a really valuable member of the community in my off-work time. Chances, are  however, with my luck and poor hand-eye-cooridination I would probably end up just cutting myself with saw and if I didn’t I would accidentally hammer my finger or cut my mouth with a rusty nail so maybe woodworking isn’t right for me. I could take up knitting.  All the transferring of wool from one knitting needle to other while switching from Pearl and Plain is supposed to be soothing and help reach a place of Zen. I could even do it in front of the television! Chances are, however, that if I did this I would be so distracted that I would constantly be dropping stitches and who needs that in their lives? Who seriously has patience for that?

I have already mentioned my lack of musical talent. Hmm does anyone out there have any suggestions for a hobby for a young male with Aspergers?