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Local Winnipeg group Hot Thespian Action just won the ACTRA Golden Boy Award for Best Member Iniated Projects of the Year.   This group consisting of Jacquelin Loewen, Jane Testar, Shannon Guile, Garth Brooks (Merkeley) and Ryan Miller have been interesting audiences for nearly half a decade with their comedic antics. As well they have been part of the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and are always one of the best shows in the fringe Festival which they sell-out. According to a facebook status “I sent all my friends to see them … very funny”    Probably my favourite sketch from last year of their’s was my Gay best friend, my favourite this year was either back up singer idol or Gay or straight game show. Back up singer idol is a great take on all of the singing contests out there right now, there are so many and they are so ridiculous. I also thought Gay or straight was funny too, boy do I have the worst gay-dar. I was at a show an hour and half before the show started and they were already sold out at that point. The many skills they all have to draw on from physical antics, to writing skills to comedic timing is something to be marveled at.  Was it the funniest show I saw this year? I don’t know Crumbs are hilarious but what are they really Crumbs off of What because that would be the most incredible Cake ever!  performing every second tuesday of the month at the King’s head when they are not on the road being all-stars, as well DND was also up there. If you missed DND you can go to their website and view the whole festival worth of shows. Jacquelin was actually one of the TA’s for my stage combat class I took from the University of Winnipeg. Even though, I have horrible hand-eye-coordination I still enjoy a good roll on mats. All their hard-work pays off every time they go onto stages as they delight their audience. I hear they even have a television pilot in the works but for now we will keep that hush hush. Not only are they incredibly talented they are also some of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Just ask anyone who knows them. In fact, I have a pin from their merchandising from their fringe show which I keep on my bedside table and look at every morning and night and try to aspire to the same excellence this group has been showing for years. I hope one day I too can sell out shows the way they have and everyone walk out equally delighted and inspired. Though my comedy chops are not nearly on the same level as theirs are and though I may never reach that pinnacle of success they are the perfect role models to look up to. That nice people actually can finish on top as long as you have the talent and you work hard enough on your craft.


Nothing smells better than fresh cookies straight out of the oven or is as much fun as getting your hands dirty baking. (okay, okay that is an exagaration, but how boring is it to simply begin a post off by saying baking is lots of fun getting your hands covered with chocolate and marshmellows, or saying that is the most fun thing in the world. Being enthuastic is as important as being honest.) The major problem with baking, however, is once you are done you will have delicious cookies in the house and it requires someone with stronger willpower than myself to resist eating them. This completely defeats the point of going to the gym and will make you eventually feel guilty and hate-yourself slightly. The world is hard enough as it is for an Asperger individual, nevermind an Asperger individual who is now 500 pounds because he had delicious cookies in the house. 


Overweight Man Royalty Free Stock Photo

The fun in baking I guess comes from its simple acts of measuring ingredients out then mixing them together and no matter what it usually comes out delicious and is pretty hard to screw up as long as you follow the instructions.  Now if only the rest of life was so easy. Wait, scratch that the fun part is licking the spoon that you used in the cooking process which is usually covered with marshmellow when you make Rice Krispie Cookies.


Toddler Licking Wooden Spoon