Aspergers on baking

Posted: August 10, 2012 in comedy, life, Uncategorized
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Nothing smells better than fresh cookies straight out of the oven or is as much fun as getting your hands dirty baking. (okay, okay that is an exagaration, but how boring is it to simply begin a post off by saying baking is lots of fun getting your hands covered with chocolate and marshmellows, or saying that is the most fun thing in the world. Being enthuastic is as important as being honest.) The major problem with baking, however, is once you are done you will have delicious cookies in the house and it requires someone with stronger willpower than myself to resist eating them. This completely defeats the point of going to the gym and will make you eventually feel guilty and hate-yourself slightly. The world is hard enough as it is for an Asperger individual, nevermind an Asperger individual who is now 500 pounds because he had delicious cookies in the house. 


Overweight Man Royalty Free Stock Photo

The fun in baking I guess comes from its simple acts of measuring ingredients out then mixing them together and no matter what it usually comes out delicious and is pretty hard to screw up as long as you follow the instructions.  Now if only the rest of life was so easy. Wait, scratch that the fun part is licking the spoon that you used in the cooking process which is usually covered with marshmellow when you make Rice Krispie Cookies.


Toddler Licking Wooden Spoon

  1. madebymeghan says:

    I am so disappointed that you didn’t actually bake — though I understand your willpower/weight concerns — that now I must bake myself. A blueberry bar will soon be in the oven…

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