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How do I get my topics to write about everyday people always want to know. Well, I got my topic from the newspaper, I skipped over all the actual news sections because I am not the right person to comment on anything such as the Syria situation or whether or not the Colorado theatre murderer is actually crazy or just evil and sane.

No my topic is on binging which I have to admit that I have made a habit of, even though it always gives me a terrible headache afterwards and leaves me more confused than when I started. No I am not talking about binging on food, or alcohol but rather binging on television series. Getting television series off of Itunes or the library and watching the whole season over a couple of days. There are many reasons why I do this for example, during the year there are just too many shows and I refuse to base my schedule around what is on television when. Instead, I will just PVR it and watch it later. Also my family does not prescribe to HBO, therefore, shows such as United States of Tara starring one of my favourite comedians Paton Oswald, and Dexter are only available as seasons from the library. How wicked is it that the library gets these popular series despite the lack of educational content. The library works hard and does a good job of maintaining its relevancy by picking up the slack when the movie rental places such as Blockbusters or Rogers video went under.  

Major issues are whether it is better to see these characters on a daily basis or to see them alot over a short period of time. While, I loved the Wire and Sopranos I never developed an emotional relationship over the characters, therefore, both sides make irrelevant arguements in this regard for me. I guess it’s because Aspergers makes it harder to become emotionally connected to people I don’t think are real. Sopranoes we watched for a longtime from the dvds and sometimes watched two episodes a day and I think my mom is more emotionally connected to the characters than I was.

I like the little blurb on the DVD what the episode is going to be about so I can focus on those issues but I never watch what previously happened because its not necessary I just watched it I remember what happened duh.

In terms of suspense I hate waiting therefore, I prefer being able to watch it all at once, but I don’t really live in that much suspense and forget about what just happened when I am not watching it, therefore this arguement is not detrimental either way.  Although, I hate watching bad things happen and usually shut my eyes or fast forward through the part or just change the channel when its live tv.

I can see watching all the episodes at once may ruin the story arch and confuse it with the series arch.

Another thing to take into consideration that previous arguements have not is when you take a season out of the library you only have a week to watch it, therefore, unless you want to spend alot more money to buy it you only have that week if its popular and other people have requested it. Otherwise it could be ages before you get a chance to watch it again.