Aspergers on “Britney Spears a Great judge”

Posted: August 13, 2012 in celebrities, comedy, entertainment, life, Uncategorized
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Britney Spears A great Judge ?

Those are words that I would never imagine would go together. I mean all the 24 hour weddings, decisions to marry Kevin Federline, her backup dancer who was already married at the time and have his child, and all her other decisions don’t exactly ring of someone you would ever call a good judge, nevermind great and go to for any kind of advice or mentoring, but that is exactly what fellow Mickey Mouser Christina Aguilera had to say about Britney. Granted, Aguilera is not exactly someone who is going to say anything off-script like Lady Gaga but I still expect better of her. Lady Gaga is a riot, she’s a great musician and she is much more passionate about causes than most pop singers out there such as her work with the GLBT community.  

Christina Aguilera Christina Aguilera says Britney Spears will be a great X-Factor Judge. 

 There are so many talented female artists such as Feist, Aretha Franklin, Madonna who you would love to see mentor the future generation of musical artists Britney Spears is not a name that is even on the radar in my mind. Can you imagine more versions of “Baby, hit me one more time” or “Toxic”. Oh Gevalt.  I mean why are we even having Christina Aguilera a judge and mentor on American Idol, oh well at least I can live with her and don’t think she’s as terrible judge as Britney.

I would love to see Joan Jett mentor future artists that would be awesome because she has so much to teach about being a rocker, about rock and roll and about feminism. If she did mentor anyone I imagine it would look something like the band, Pussy Riot, out in Russia.


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