There are all kinds of stupid movies out there from the really stupid to the moderately stupid. Some of these stupid movies have a sacred place in our hearts. Here are my top 10 ten sacred dumb movies.

1. Clueless. Cher Horowitz is brilliant in her shallow clueless way.


2. Legally Blonde. Is there a pattern here? A beautiful blonde who plays someone who seems completely clueless and then has a way of weaving into our hearts. I really enjoyed this movie, lots of people would say its just dumb and I say no its a dumb feel good movie. Although Legally Blonde 2 Red, White and Blue should never have been made.

3. Captain Orgaszmo. A hilarious take on the porn industry, when an innocent mormon is in the wrong place at the wrong time and is given the lead role in a porno where he plays a superhero Captain Orgaszmo who eventually becomes a real life hero.


4. Spice World. The Spice girls had a huge comeback show at the closing ceremony and their movie was ridiculously dumb but feel good.

5. Surf Ninjas. Three teenagers, who are surfers find out that they are really princes and somehow automatically become good fighters taking on trained ninjas to save the day. Because ninjsitu and surfing have sooo much in common.  

6. The New Kids on the Block movie. Needs no more description if you are in mood for a really bad movie watch it.

7. Kazaam. Shaq plays a genie. Shaq may be the most entertaining basketball player of all time, but he is definitely no actor.

8.  Hot Fuzz. I was unsure about listing this one because its the only one on the list which seems like it was intentionally dumb. It’s about a big city cop moving to a small city. 

I know most people are expecting Dumb and Dumber to make the list but really I did not enjoy it enough. Also Borat, and Bruneau are not dumb enough to make the list. Soul Plane is plenty dumb but it was terrible and I refuse to list it.

9. Baseketball. This movie about making a mix between basketball and baseball had some really funny moments.

10. While I am going to leave the 10th spot open to suggestions from readers.

  1. Daff says:

    Brother Where Art Thou…

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