Aspergers video games in the library

Posted: August 16, 2012 in comedy, computers, entertainment, Uncategorized
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I am sitting at my reference desk just minding my own business, waiting patiently for anyone to ask for help and across from me are two adults playing video games. Video GAMES! How absolutely awful. Darn that Hedgehog.



Here I am in the temple of books, which I guess that makes me a priest or something or a guardian of this temple and right across from me are two people willing to descrate my temple by playing video games instead of doing some kind of learning.

Some kind of book enjoyment. I just want to jump over the desk, rip the video games out of their hands and jump up and down on it till it breaks.

But I won’t because I don’t believe in violence, and more importantly I would be fired and quickly escorted out of the temple never to return. This exile would be more than I could bear.  Video games have their place in the library in the Young Adult section to draw reluctant readers into the library who otherwise would not come in. As well, the library should not be stuck in time and should remain relevant but how much insult to injury can I bear. How much should I be expected to bear? Video games are one of those things that like Porn should remain in the home behind closed doors to be enjoyed only be you and your friends not brought out into daylight.  

People are taking advantage of the break of school and summer to give me time to think and relax at work. It will be chaos here soon and then the noise of the video games will be nothing compared to the noise of conversation, and people at work but until then keep your DARN VIDEO GAMES OUT OF MY LIBRARY!!!



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