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*Note the following post will be just as shallow as the one on girls with tattoos and I don’t endorse judging a girl by her looks either way. =) enjoy  *

I already discussed why I think girls with tattoos are sexy now I am going to write a post on why girls without tattoos are sexy. There is something beautiful about the wholesome look which reminds someone of simplier days when things were slower and of  farmers fields and riding on the back of pickup trucks and going down to the local watering hole for sodas.

Skin often looks fresher when its not marred by ink and all kinds of colour like the powdery effect of blush on the skin. Like people who have led a more sheltered life and are not marred by the horrors they have seen or doing drugs. Of responsibility and waking up with the sun on their faces to put in another day. It also seems like these are the kinds of girls who it would be easier to bring home to meet your parents because they don’t have anything to hide. The type of girl you expect to marry pop out two children and live the American dream with.  Girls with tattoos seem like they are the social changers and have an edge to them they have the ink to prove it and they won’t put up with shit from anyone see Joan Jett. Girls without tattoos are softer around the edges more patient and caring more like the nurse cheerleader type. They are the type of girl who when your with you don’t expect them to fit for social change because you don’t think anything needs to change and you don’t have a care in the world. With this type of girl I could forget that I have Aspergers and that all the problems in the world are far away. If girls with tattoos are hot like Joan Jett girls without tattoos are beautiful like Kristen Dunst or Reese Witherspoon.