Aspergers on understanding Aspergers through looking at another group of disabled people.

Posted: August 18, 2012 in aspergers, life, Uncategorized
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I am just at my perch at the library watching people sign to each other and I am thinking that is so awesome. Everyone uses hand gesture in conversation but deaf people have turned it into a whole language. Each gesture carrying so much weight not a single movement wasted. You can use sign language to communicate in a room that is way too loud as long as there is visual contact.

I am sure with using your hands so much and in such an important role you develop dexterity and strength. Compare that to Aspergers, where the closest thing I have to having cool skills come out of it is the ability to repulse women and lose friends by being too logical in my thinking and not emotionally sensitive enough just like a vulcan in Star Trek. There is also strength in numbers in having many people understand what you are going through. If you are deaf you may be different but you certainly don’t feel like a freak because its easier to fit in. Sure fitting into mainstream society maybe difficult but there are enough of you that you have developed a powerful subculture. Having Aspergers the chances are 1 in 10,000 therefore there will never be enough people with the disability that it is a enough for its own subculture. Also, it is even more onerous if you develop a negative relationship with someone else in the community because there are so few people. I mean if you are deaf and you don’t along with another deaf person there are enough people that you can simply hangout with another group. Not so when you have a less common disability. There is a large enough population among the community that dating is less awkward. There can even be supermodels in the community. When you have Aspergers and have such a tiny pool of people and then adjust for the fact that the majority of the people with the disability will be male if there is a negative dating experience it has a much longer lasting impact on your life. Nevermind, the possibility that you might not be attracted to one of these girls or have absolutely nothing in common, what I am trying to say is it makes dating much more difficult. Therefore, you try dating among the healthy population (wow that is a really bad term it either makes everyone sound like cattle or Aspergers like an epidemic.).

These people are not likely going to understand what you are going through and will see shortcomings of yours and how often can you say sorry it’s the Aspergers and even if you could do you really want to keep reminding them of your shortcoming because really it seems like it would take away from the attractiveness/fitness of a mate.  

Advantage =deaf person

  1. Daff says:

    First of all, always remember I am laughing because so much of what you say reminds me of my son. “the majority of the people with the disability will be male ” True. It is 4 males to 1 felmale. “…try dating among the healthy population…” Is there a reason you don’t refer to them an NT?

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