Aspergers on farmers markets

Posted: September 4, 2012 in aspergers, life, Uncategorized
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Who made that granola bar? Who picked that plum? I don’t know do you know? I really couldn’t tell you where most of my food comes from. When It was made/picked or under what conditions. This seperation from the production of our food is exactly what makes farmers markets so great. At farmers markets you can actually talk to the farmers who grow all your great food and ask all the questions that really peak your interest. Not only that but the baking is usually fresher and you don’t feel as guilty when you buy it. When you buy from the farmers directly you also don’t need to worry about farmers being taken advantage of or the conditions in which the food was produced. Individual farmers have an outlet to sell their wares and therefore, protects them from being consumed by larger farmers. Also at a farmer’s market since you are dealing with the farmer directly, the chances are greater that the farmer is getting a fair rate on his return. The food from them is tastier because it has not had to travel a long distance so is not covered with pesticides or perservatives.


Plus farmers markets are alot more fun to walk around the different stalls with a buddy or a loved one than walking around a supermarket. Especialy when the farmer’s market is combined with a craft market. It makes it more delightful to look at the things people are making and stop and browse in every stall. People can knit and sew and craft the most beautiful things which make great presents. So grab a coffee, find out where the local market is happening and stop by and enjoy yourself, it’s that simple.


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