Have you ever really wondered what it would be like to be great at something? It doesn’t even matter what that greatness is in. I am a regular joe in most areas of my life and less than that in other areas of my life and yet, I am constantly surrounded by greatness. Whether its academic or musical genius, being master improvisational artists, comedians or sketch troopadoors. Or even being a great ladies man. It gives you a certain security that you are heading in the right direction that most of us lack. I mean why did I become a librarian, because being a teacher did not work and I like working with books. But that still leaves many options whether thats working in a public library, an academic library or a bookstore. Watching Crumbs perform last night they know they are on the right track because they are great at it, everyone comes in masses to watch them no matter what location they are in of the world. Also I always thought that if I put all my effort into one basket maybe I could be great at that thing such as basketball and all the number of hours I spent alone working on my game in the gym even when it wasn’t even fun only to be a medicore basketball player in the end. But having a talent at something and putting in the time and watching it come to fruition must be an incredible feeling. The same story about my comedy and how I really am just medicore at that as well. Being great at something would give you a feeling of compensation for all the shortcomings in other areas of your life. who would care that you don’t have a girlfriend or that girls don’t even consider you romantically if you were an olympic calibre swimmer. Who would care that they don’t have the most friends in the world if they were Michael Phelps. Alas, despite it all I am just average at most things and continue to live a life of averageness not greatness and can only sit and marvel at how awesome it would be to be nominated for a Canadian comedy award like Hot Thespian action or go all over Northern Europe being awesome like Crumbs.

If anything I am becoming an awesome whiner and talking about how great everyone else’s life is. Truth is everyone probably have their problems and are happy and sad an equal portion of the time no matter how big or small those problems are they are their problems. Living a life of greatness probably has as many ups and downs as any other life. i mean I have met Steve Patterson’s of the debaters and I expected him to shine or somehow look different than any other person because he is so brilliant and his radio show, the Debaters is so hilarious and yet he looked the exact same, talked the same and someone could easily imagine that he had his own internal sadness and turmoil despite being considered soo awesome in my eyes.


Reinventing the Orange Order: A Superhero for the 21st century. Accessed 19 September 2012. 


Steve Patterson the Debaters from cbc.ca

  1. madebymeghan says:

    Have you read The Outliers?

    • mrasperger says:

      Of course I gave Ilan and Kristine a copy for their birthdays

      • madebymeghan says:

        This connects to you idea of being great at something I think … you are too hard on yourself, and yet, you still need to put in the 10,000 hours. That’s a lot of time to get good at something. Focus, drive, passion … don’t do it unless you are passionate about it, but it’s the passion that will drive you through the hard days (weeks).

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