Did I mention she’s cool like Joan Jett?  Photo taken by the talented April Dawn Plett

I don’t know if you know Yuri Kimuri yet but you should since she is the coolest girl in the school of life.

Reason number 1. She’s very pretty and not in the boring kind of hot blonde californian surfer chick with long blonde hair blue eyes and big boobs that I usually go for. Instead she’s half Asian. In addition, she has really cool tattoos some are coolered in and some aren’t. How cool is that. Her new one the chili pepper however is colored in. The tattoos are all of fun things like cupcakes and candy.

      Mmm I love candy.  My favourite candy is chocolate because I like the feeling of the chocolate melting on my tongue and the sweet taste of it. Sometimes I also like chocolate with nuts or raisins like the kind from Cardbury’s. Though I think Yuri prefers other kinds of candy because when I see her eating any which is rare its always a different kind like a gummy candy. She did bring candy for everyone to Laser Tag a few times and there was no chocolate in it but mostly gummy candy which was still very generous of her.

     Laser tag was fun but I’m not very good at it. Probably because of my hand-eye-coordination and sometimes when I keep getting killed I want to sit in the corner with my arms crossed and a humph look on my face. 

   Plus Yuri’s a great dresser. She works at a store which does costumes and repairs old clothing therefore, she is the coolest person to play dress up with. I mean she doesn’t just have fedora’s but she has viking helmets and marching band hats. Whole outfits from the 1960’s 70’s and 80’s. One time in a movie I was making with an acting group I got a dress from there because I played a transvestite cross-dresser. It was fun, what’s with my fascination of wearing dresses in public I couldn’t tell you, but when I stained it from eating mcdonald’s in the dress, I am sure she got the stain out. How useful and cool is that (This was before we were friends so I don’t know if she did it or someone else working there did).

      Plus she always smells really nice, can’t forget that. Some people smell like BO and its never fun to be around them no matter how awesome they are. Plus did I mention she striped her hair a really awesome colour? That just shows that she has a playful side and is very outgoing lots of people only show their fun side once you have known them for a long time and show a unfriendly moody side to the rest of the world like this =( . They think that they have enough friends therefore become crummy. 

    She is also a really good hugger and she initates the hugs. This helps on multiples fronts because who honestly doesn’t want a nice hug. Plus if I have to initiate the hug I don’t know when it is appropriate to hug or not but she takes all the guess work out of it. She is also slightly shorter which is good because I prefer hugging girls only slightly shorter. Just like my mom who is my best friend but can’t go to improv shows with me or hangout with me in public because that would just be uncool. My mom isn’t even a “cool mom” who drinks beers with their children’s friends in public because that would just be weird. Luckily Yuri is a good hugger. I appreciate any and all physical contact I can get when it doesn’t hurt like a punch to the face.

     Yuri has super funny stories about her father like the manadarin story but I’ll just have to let you ask her about it yourself if you ever meet her. Plus she hangout with funny people like Lee White who does a really funny German accent. Being able to do funny accents really helps when you’re an improviser. I can’t do accents very well. But me and my friend Lovey just talk to each other in bad accents and its pretty funny. I usually do bad British or Southern accents. Lovey has more range of bad accents.

   Yuri is also kind and supportive . She was one of the first people to say nice things about my blog which made me feel good about myself and you could tell she was being sincere. Having Aspergers sometimes I can’t tell if people are being sarcastic or being sincere therefore I have chased off alot of people who were just being nice to me or thought I had a genuine friend when someone was just laughing at me. Just like the boy in the Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night. But you can always tell that Yuri is a very sincere person. She is also very upfront and will tell you when she is in a bad mood so not to bother her then which is good news to have when you can’t read people very well otherwise you can easily make things worse.

      For all those reasons that is why Yuri Kimura is awesome.


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