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This is the blog episode where I look at random things in the media and then comment on them based off of no facts or perspective other than my own.

So I am super happy that Lady Gaga’s meat dress is making its way to the female exhibit for the rock hall of fame. No other pop singer has been as outspoken about both women’s rights issues or same-sex rights as Gaga. I mean sure that name Gaga is ridiculous, but who else can you think of in the last ten years who has done as much? Britney Spears? Keisha? Pink? Avril Lavigne? Pff give me a break.  Lady Gaga ‘s theatrics at times can be considered extreme but at least she stands for something and is making some kind of message. Trying to stir up some kind of conversation. Don’t get me wrong I am sure all the other pop singers have a cause who they donate money to and may make celebrities appearances for or pose in a photo for but none of them are anything other than ridiculous. Just pretty girls with songs that usually mean nothing like “hit me one more time” or “Skater Boi”.

    For the people who have not seen Dexter Season 6 that are going to see it please turn away at this point. So I just watched the season finale of Dexter how messed up was that? Debra realizing that she’s in love with Dexter. That’s pretty messed up stuff. I do not approve. Then Debra walking in on Dexter killing someone that will really mess her up. I am excited for season seven especially since I found out that Yvonne Stratovski from Chuck is now playing a girl named Hannah in Dexter. Yaye. She is soo soo pretty.


The new shows that I am most excited for are Animal practice. There are so many doctor shows and frankly people are boring about time they made a show about treating animals with a celebrity animal as the star. There is ER and Private Practice and Scrubs. I get it life and death is exciting but humans are boring. That’s why people rooted for the Gorrillas killing humans in the Rise of the Planet of the Apes.


   The other show that I am very excited for is Mob Doctor. I am obsessed with anything dealing with the mafia and really enjoy reading books about gangsters and watching television shows about mob members like the Sopranos or the Wire (two of my favourite shows). It is also just such a strange interesting concept to think about someone being the doctor for the mob just like it would be interesting a show about a mob accountant and how they use and create front businesses for laundering the money.


The show that I am most excited about returning from last year is Smash. My family is obsessed with anything to do with Marilyn Monroe ever since reading Joyce Carol Oates Blonde. What a beautiful sad tragic figure. She is the Joan of Arc of the 21st century in terms of international appeal. She has been the faec of so many different movements and organizations. It is also like Glee but focused on Broadway which is much cooler than a high school glee club. I mean people come on. In addition, it is more unified less characters that it tries to give equal time to and is much more of an adult show. On top of that its made by Steven Spielberg who not only is a brilliant writer, also has Aspergers.   Okay, he never publicly came out and said it but Temple Grandin said that he probably had it and she is like the all-time expert and celebrity on the disorder. People with Aspergers have Asp-ar meaning like someone with gay-dar  can tell you if someone is gay someone with Asp-ar can tell you if another person has Aspergers.