Aspergers on not being like every other minority

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized

I am totally fed up with the discrimination against people with Aspergers and I want to shout, I just don’t know who to shout at. Females have males, African-Americans have white people who do I have to blame? I will give an example of what I am talking about.

      Say, I am up against another person in the workplace, they have better sales and are more likeable, therefore, they will recieve the promotion. I can’t blame the management the other person’s numbers are better. However, I feel like I have just been penalized for having Aspergers and being socially awkward. I probably have worked as hard or harder than the other person, arrived just as early and stayed just as late if not later than they did and yet at the end of the day they will get the promotion because they have better numbers. Therefore, I am being kept down for things that are out of my control, just like African-Americans were kept down for the colour of their skin or women are kept down because of their gender. 

    Or take social situations. Women feel that they are treated differently because of their gender and have whole movements which are about striving for equality. That’s harder to have a whole movement to strive for equal treatment when you have Aspergers. Since there is no clear enemy like patriarchy.  Everyone thinks they are treating you equally but the second you don’t understand things as quickly such as facial or social cues they put you in a box. Sure they are still trying hard to be nice to you, but when it comes to making social arrangements you will never be the first person to be called. If you are called at all. But the whole time you feel like you can’t really blame them because “you two didn’t click as well as they did with other people” they just don’t feel the same way about you and they can’t talk to you as easily, who can “blame them right?” Well you can’t exactly put rules on who people are friends with, or who they date, don’t for a second think that this isn’t discrimination.

   Women should be allowed to decide who they date. If they don’t decide to date the guy who doesn’t pick up on their little cues and who they have “chemistry” or a “connection” with who can blame them? Why date the guy who is constantly saying the wrong things or just doesn’t understand things the way you do? I mean I am sure that they have other people who will understand them better? Why doesn’t he just find a girl with Aspergers as well to date? You know, why can’t they just date amongst themselves? Keep to their own kind. Need I go on. This discrimination is so subtle and I can’t really get upset with any individual girl for not wanting to date me. It’s survival of the fittest out in the dating world am I right?

   There is also the arguement that it is not only people with Aspergers and other disabilities that get discriminated against but what about fat and ugly people. I could starve myself until I am sick and constantly workout. I can even get cosmetic surgery but there is nothing I can do to drastically change how my mind works or how I think.

  All I can say is it is extremely fustrating. I want to start a movement such as equal rights for people with Aspergers but its not even about rights. Rights can be legislated, it is much harder to do anything about people’s instinctual responses.

  1. Alys McDonough says:

    I find your blog to be insightful, thought-provoking.
    Thanks for sharing a bit of your struggle, man.
    Alys, a fellow aspie.
    (Montreal, Canada)

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