Aspergers on what I have learnt from plenty of fish; Spelling and grammar count.

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Uncategorized, writing
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So as my social science’s experiment of me trying out plenty of fish comes to a close here are my two major findings. The findings are not presented in any order based on weight of the insight.

   1. First I found out that I hate people who toss around the terms LOL (Laugh out Loud) or any equivalent word signifying that they are laughing, lightly. First I doubt if when they write that they are actually laughing out loud, therefore, when I actually do type in something hilarious I doubt their sincerity in appreciating the joke. It’s just like if every time you asked someone “how they are?” in conversation and they replied “amazing” then you really have no way of gauging how they really are. Second of all that word begins to lose all significance when talking to them or when talking to other people. If someone actually is “LOL”ing and they type LOL in at this point I am so jaded that I am like “Whatever”. Which is a darn tooting shame because LOL is really actually quite the smart acronym before it was overused. This is also how I often feel when listening to many songs on the radio. For example, Lonely Island’s “I am on a boat” is actually quite a funny song which I hate because it was overplayed on the radio or bars within the first week of me hearing the song. If someone is a LOLer I am likely going to want to end the relationship before I really get a chance to know them, like I did with a girl on Plenty of Fish “POF”. Granted I am extremely biased and if a Victoria Secret Model was beginning every message with LMFAO or haha I would probably reluctantly drudge through it.

    Second observation, spelling and grammar really matter when that is all someone has to judge your intelligence by. If anyone has been following this blog, or admittedly reads a single blog, you will find within my work poor spelling and grammar scattered around. Therefore, this is probably a major turn-off to any potential relationships on POF. This could be one reason why I have been so far unsuccessful in starting relationships on the aforementioned website. A grammar mistake does not only suggest lack of intelligence but lack of care of the other person as well as how one presents oneself so I completely understand why this would be a turn-off but as you can all imagine it still happens. One girl was actually lecturing me on POF about my grammar mistakes and that was super annoying  SUPER ANNOYING.  Spelling and grammar also matter on WordPess, therefore, this could partly explain why my “views” or “likes” are way down compared to some other members websites. The people who know me power through my mistakes realizing that there is more to me than my poor writing would let on, while, strangers are turned off and turn off. This is only one theory, however, that I have postulated for my numbers. In my defence realizing this problem I did have an editor for a short while but she quickly quit when she realized the sheer amount of work involved.

   Back to the POF findings. It could also be that the girls who I messaged can be considered “10”s by POF standard, which admittedly is not as tough grading as regular life. While the pictures I posted on POF on the other hand would earn me a 7.523 for looks on the regular life scale and 8.3 according to the POF standard therefore the girls may not have any interest in meeting me.

In conclusion: Live Long and Prosper! Also that maybe POF just is not right for me and that I prefer the old-fashioned trying to meet people face-to-face. I just have to go and find new venues to meet people instead of spending all my time in comedy bars if I am actually interested in meeting people or accept that the fun I get from hanging out with the same people and watching quality entertainment outweighs my need for a romantic relationship.


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