Aspergers and reality television

Posted: September 13, 2012 in celebrities, comedy, entertainment, Uncategorized
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There are so many realities television shows, while here is some more.

  How about a show called how street smart are you? Take ten competitors and give them each a secret button camera or something and see how well they thrive at being homeless. Who will be the best at begging, finding living accomodations on less than $20 dollars a day to start off with. This is a show I would much rather watch than pawnshop wars. This would require the competitiors to be gritty and tough and show initiative. See how mentally tough they are as the person who does the least that week is kicked off of the show and allowed to go back to their lives of a shelter and three meals a day. Who will be willing to keep going in terrible conditions for a chance of winning $50,000 plus a chance at fame. I know what people are thinking wouldn’t it be more interesting to have real homeless people compete. However, this would not test them as they are already used to the lifestyle and therefore would not have the struggle to adjust to it which would really make better tv. As well, do you really want to watch real homeless people? They are generally an unattractive bunch and have the scars of their lives to prove it while people generally like to watch attractive people do extreme things. Even the people on the Biggest Loser while fat are generally attractive as soon as they lose the weight.

   The people, however, should be spread out that way they can’t take comfort from each other or help each other. In addition, all the betraying each other or making alliances like happens on Survivor is boring. This will force the people to their breaking point much quicker to the point that they are ready to simply drop out of the contest so they do not have to endure anymore hardship.

  Another reality show I want to see is who wants to be the next top children’s librarian. Where they throw librarians to the wolves metaphorically speaking. Have a librarian go into an arcade and try and convince them to put down the video games and to pick up a book instead. There will also be the best book review component where libarians have to present a particular genre every week to a panel of three judges who critic them and decide who is the winner that week and who is going home. The winner will get to have a spa day for the individual days or a fancy restaurant which they definitely would not be able to afford on a librarian salary. Librarians are paid even worth than teachers so any sit-down restaurant would be a treat for this group. The judges will be JK Rowling, a representative from Scholastics and a descendant of John Dewey even though he has no interest in books, libraries, librarians or anything other than his skateboard. The grand prize winner will earn $40,000 for their library and this will mean they won’t get laid off because libraries can like zero government funding.

   Enough cooking shows or antique shows these are the reality shows that I want to watch next.


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