Aspergers on the self taken photo

Posted: September 13, 2012 in life, Uncategorized
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Okay, okay I have already filled my quota of how many blogs I am allowed to write per day but I just had one more quip that I just had to put out there. I absolutely hate, let me repeat that for clarity’s sake I hate the self-taken photo.

 Girls seem to be fond of pulling out there phones and cameras and taking pictures of themselves whereaever they go and these are the most ridiculous terrible photos I have ever seen. There should be a distance that the camera needs to be in order to be taken. These pictures are the height of narcissism and usually look absolutely awful. The point of taking a picture is to commerate your time at a particular place at a particular time. I mean it is bad enough all the people who take pictures of themselves at the Leaning Tower of Piaza and then put them on facebook. Ya I know what the Leaning Tower of Piaza looks like, ya you are being really clever putting your hand up as if you are holding it up or pushing it over. Yep I have never seen this picture before. Thank you for taking a dozen pictures and then showing me. At least, however, these goofs (my mom says not to call people idiots) can look at the photo and be like yep that was when I was in France. What really gets my goat, however, is the goofs who will take pictures so close of themselves that they might as well be anywhere. Really what is the point of taking that picture. Yes I understand, you think you look beautiful and want a million pictures of close-ups of your face, whereever you go. Also that you think you are like a celebrity so everyone else wants to see these pictures of yourself too.

Newsflash, ya you are pretty, but so are many girls get over yourself. No one else wants to see these pictures so just put them up in your bedroom or wherever you want to create a shrine to your ego but please stop wasting valuable internet space on this junk. The internet is for porn and videos of babies and cats not of your face.

Ask a friend to take these pictures so that there is a backdrop because pictures of just close-ups are the worst. You have been told. So please stop doing it. If you want a picture at a rock concert also include in the picture the craziness of the crowd or the band on the stage that way when you tell people about it you can say that was at so and so event. If you are on holiday include some scenery or a monument or something of significance. Otherwise don’t put it on the internet. Facebook automatically puts it on everyone else’s wall and what you are saying when you put a picture of simply a close-up of you and your friend is that you don’t give a shit about the one hundred people who will have to see it.

If you can’t use your facebook or camera appropriately someone should just take them away.


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