Aspergers on what will tomorrow bring

Posted: September 13, 2012 in Uncategorized, writing
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As you all know by now I try to write a new post every single day. However, not all the posts are of equal quality or even on the same topic. The only really unifying factors are that they have all been written by me and most of the posts have had to do with Aspergers. However, I have written posts about the media, about travelling about previous experience in my life. Some posts have been insightful and meaningful such as my post on reading body language when you have Aspergers, while other posts have been as meaningless as my favourite stupid movies. In addition some posts have been extremely personal such as my feelings of being discriminated against having Aspergers, while others have been as unpersonal as my feelings that Britney Spears would not be a good judge or mentor.

  Will my post tomorrow be about how unsuccessful I am with women, which is most likely going to be the case unless something miraculously changes somehow. Will it be about what I have learnt about relationships with women through more insight gleaned from Plenty of Fish? About how it is almost impossible to make relationships that start off of that website work, even though I have known a couple who were with each other a long time after meeting on there. 

  Or will my post be related more to my friendships such as the post I wrote about having Aspergers and how this affects my ability to make friends. Will it focus on one particular friend like my blog on Yuri Kimura? Most likely not because I don’t feel quite so comfortable about writing that kind of post. I am worried that people generally don’t like to be written about and want more privacy. I have no problem mentioning someone in my blog when they relate but that is usually only a brief mention. My mother who I am quite close with and is my best friend thinks I shouldn’t mention anyone at all. Especially by name.  When I have asked people if they mind being mentioned, however, they have informed me that this is not the case.

  Will something in the media catch my eye? Will it be caught by something that I am excited about such as the hit television show Smash? Or will it be something that repulses and tickles my funny bone like anything about Britney Spears?

  Or will I really have nothing to really talk about therefore throw something together so that my blog is consistent and daily like my blog on stupid movies? My friend Meghan who’s a professional writer and really insightful and smart when it comes to lots of things such as writing says that a person should try and write everyday even if it isn’t their best work but just to keep improving their skills.

 Will the article be about what I find sexy in girls like my blog about girls with tattoos and girls without tattoos? What else are turn-ons or offs to me. Who I think the sexiest girl alive that I’ve ever met or seen on television?

  Who knows what tomorrow holds in store, I definitely don’t. All I can do is reflect on the blogs I have written in the past. Which happily I can say number 54 in all.

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