Aspergers on our elected officals

Posted: September 14, 2012 in politics, Uncategorized
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This is my first foray into the world of political blogging so please be gentle.

A country, city or municipality cannot prosper without good leadership and a trustworthy opposition to keep our leaders honest. Governance is such an important field and it attracts people from all walks of life bringing a variety of expertise that a government needs in order to be strong. Canada is lucky to have pretty good leaders. Sure they are not faultless and have been caught doing things which are wrong with the taxpayer’s money such as going to NHL hockey games or using their expense account inappropriately. This abuse of power, however, should be expected to some degree after all they are only human and we should be glad that we have watchdogs who are able to speak out. A good government can only work if there are many checks and balances to keep everyone honest. Individual indescretions are not what concern me what concerns me is the crazy amount of money these politicians are earning as a base salary.

  Some people argue that if you want top notch people in office you have to pay top dollar in order to compete against the corporations. This is faulty logic as many of the politicians have had long successful careers before they become elected officials. Being a leader of a city or country should be  a way of people giving back to all  the people who have helped them along the way by doing good for the public good instead of themselves. Therefore, they should be willing to work for far less money than CEO’s of corporations who are doing their job to make money. Instead many of the politicians are giving themselves raises while other public employees are seeing cutbacks and lay-offs. People who need the money, because they are young and not as successful and may be struggling to eke out money to pay their rent at the end of the month. People who still have young families to feed and care for. Politicians already have money the majority of them because they come from successful careers where they were leaders in their field. I sure hope that we are not electing people that have had relatively unsuccessful careers that they are turning to politics in order to collect their retirement paycheck.

It is not long like most of our politicians are in their 20’s or early 30’s even. To be considered young as a politician a person is usually 45, which is plenty of time to have made a good living and a good chunk of money to rely on. It’s not like we are electing comedians or struggling artists into positions of power. I am not saying that politicians should not be paid, but their salary should be $50,000 a year. How did I arrive at this number? Simple, it is the amount a hard-working teacher who are responsible for educating the future minds of our country makes. Teachers work incredibly hard just like politicians, therefore, it makes no sense that one group makes so much more. Especially when a teacher does not have the money a former lawyer or professor has to fall back on as many politicians were previously.


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