Aspergers on whatever happened to the sour patch children

Posted: September 14, 2012 in life, Uncategorized
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It’s been a long time since I’ve seen any sour patch children and I wonder what happened to them. Are they grown up now or did something happen to them? Were they swallowed up by life?  Did they ever find their real biological parents? It must have been quite an enlightening experience growing up in a pack with children of all different colours. Most of us are lucky if we grow up with a few people a different colour than ourselves. I mean there were very few African-American, Aboriginal or Asian-American children in the very homogenic classrooms of my childhood. Not for those sour patch children, however.

    I wonder if they ever found their real parents, I mean I am assuming they are orphans I have never seen a sour patch adult before. I wonder why they were given up for adoption? Whether they were mistakes and their parents simply could not afford to take care of them any longer. Or if they were the result of teen mothers from very conservative religious upbringings.  Were there parents all different colours too? Or is the different colours a result of a genetic defect or something done to them? Are they the children of a mad scientist? An experiment that went wrong?

   I would be very sour too if I was in their position. I wonder if it was something that they were able to grow out of, however, as they grew up or if they never found happiness and remained sour throughout their lives. How long is a sour patch’s life if they aren’t swallowed by life? Do they have a different size lifespan?  Did they ever get married and settle down to have their own children?

  Isn’t it quite terrible that we never had any problem with eating sour patch children? I mean after all they were only children. Some people have problems eating baby animals such as cows and pigs while no one gives a second thought to eating a sour patch child.

Oh well, I hope wherever the sour patch children are, they are happy.


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