aspergers on Rosh Hoshanah and the blue slurpee

Posted: September 15, 2012 in life, Uncategorized
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For those who don’t know Rosh Hoshanah is the Jewish New Years. The Jewish people have their own calendar which is much older than the romo-greco calendar we use in society today. Therefore, we get together and celebrate Rosh Hoshanah with our family’s and our friends and often go to synagogue, which is the Jewish church or mosque.

  The typical Rosh Hoshanah dinner is multiple courses starting with matzo ball soup and apples dipped in honey. After that we usually have a main course consisting of salad chicken and potatoes. After this we get dessert which is a rare treat for us. My mom now usually makes pears soaked in wine because she thinks “it’s light and healthy, so it’s good after a big supper.” However,  back in the day when a family who my family is really close with still lived in Winnipeg their mom made this unbelievable strawberry cake.  



This one particular year, after supper all the children decided that we were going to go to 7-11 and get slurpees.

So the next day in, my class on judaic law, everyone was discussing what they did for Rosh Hoshanah like they seder’s that they went to. They all had these hugely elaborate seder’s since most Jews in Winnipeg are related, unlike my family, therefore they have lots of family in town. Therefore, when it was my turn to share I talked about how we had a tiny seder (a word for a dinner in hebrew. Hebrew the language Jewish people speak.) and how I had gone for a blue slurpee. Everyone thought this was hilarious because blue slurpees are extremely unkosher (kosher word for some Jews special diet where they are dictated what they can and cannot eat. Simple rules like no milk and meat, cows and chicken are supposed to be killed in a certain way that is more humane to the animals and no eating pigs because they are extremely dirty animals).  Most Jews do not keep Kosher.  What makes a blue slurpee unkosher is how they get the blue colouring. The blue colouring is made or at one point it was made before everything is now artificially made in labs, it is made out of beaver tails.  Peoplthey thought the idea of going for blue slurpees on Rosh Hoshanah which is an important day for Jewish people was hilarious. Partly because it was so completely different from what everyone was sharing and talking about since they had all gone to these really really big family seders. 

Why am I sharing this story now and what is the relevance to anything? First off because I want to, and secondly, no relevance to absolutely anything, however, in your blog you can write about what you want to write about and I will write about anything I want to write about the end. If any insight can be gleaned from this story it is how I have always marched to the beat of my own drum.


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