Aspergers on where can I get some good dating advice

Posted: September 15, 2012 in aspergers, entertainment, relationships, Uncategorized
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All the dating advice for people with Aspergers is actually limited, therefore I need to find some real help.

Here are some dating tips you may find.

Make sure to shower daily and wash your hair. (check)

Make sure you wear fresh clothes everyday. (check)

Don’t only talk about your interest areas. Take interest in her interest and ask lots of questions. (Check)

If she says no respect her wishes and don’t sulk about it. (Check)

Be yourself. (check)

If you go to a movie pay, or if she insists on paying pay for chocolate mints or something 

I have succeeded in following every single step in the guide and therefore, should feel really proud of myself right? Wrong, because I don’t feel any better about myself because I am still no close to getting a girlfriend.   I mean I could turn to pick-up artist tricks, which might help such as StyleLife. The only problem is that they get you to do ridiculous challenges teaching you the skills you need. Challenges that I definitely feel uncomfortable trying to complete such as phoning complete strangers and getting three movie reccommendations. Having Aspergers and already being self-conscious about myself I found this task impossible. I tried calling one person and they hung up right away and I never tried again. Thinking, okay, okay maybe you can do the next challenge working up to the skills you need to get a girl interested in me because nothing I had done before had worked in the past so maybe I need to step out of my comfort zone. I’ll just come back to the phoning challenge. Well at the same time being part of this “class” was costing me 100 dollars a month so I skipped ahead. The next challenge was something easy and I forget what it was but the next challenge was insane. Are you ready? The next mission was to go out begging for money until you got enough bus fare for the bus. Isn’t that insane? How many people out there would actually feel up to this task? This is not a rhetorical question I am actually curious. So realizing that skipping ahead would not be of any use because the tasks only get harder and harder and I can’t step out of my comfort zone as far as that I decided to save my money and quit the “class”.

    Which leaves me needing some serious advice on how to talk to a girl and get one to go on a date with me. I mean there was even a really skanky girl at the karaoke bar I went to last night. A friend of a boyfriend of a friend of a friend kind situation, you know it is. So I figured I would at least get a make-out session but I couldn’t even pull that off. Which 99.5% of other men who had any inclination to pull it off could have. I still had a good time and enjoyed good company not wanting to fall into the category of annoying people I mentioned in my previous blog who only go out looking for sex but it was still bloody annoying.

Therefore if you have any real dating advice or want to take me under your wing like in the movie “Hitch” starring Will Smith please do.

  1. Linda says:

    The suggestions you have been getting around dating sound ridiculous! What I would suggest is to go on a ‘date’ with a female friend of yours (or a relative) and do a practice date. pretend you’re on a real date and do and say all the things you would normally do and say on a first date and let her tell you what you’re doing that may be improved upon. It would be even better if you could have a friend or family member arrange a ‘mock date’ for you with someone you don’t know because that would be more realistic. They could even explain to the willing party that you have aspergers and as a result have difficulty socially, so this is a way to help you learn to read social cues and feel comfortable going on dates. The more ‘practice dates’ you go on, the more comfortable (and skilled) you could become at dating! Not to mention this could open up a situation where the person who is helping you could know someone who would be a good match.

    Another thing I thought of was to be forthcoming about your aspergers wen you meet someone. I went out with a guy who told me before we met (online) that he had narcolepsy. I was quite fascinated (likely because I had studied psychology and knew about the condition) but it certainly didn’t prevent me from wanting to meet him. PlUs, if you have any difficulty when you meet her, she will understand why and not just think you’re a jerk!!

  2. I think Linda has a great piece of advice! Mock date sounds like a great idea!

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