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When I was in Barcelona and Portugal everything was incredible, except for one thing. Most of the old city smelled like sewer, it was absolutely disgusting. Near the end of the trip I was relieved to be going home and escaping the constant stench. Winnipeg, was fine for awhile or I simply didn’t notice. It could have been the fact that most of the time I have been in the city I have spent my time indoors my library breathing stale air,  nonetheless, when I was walking towards the bus today there was clear stench in the air. It smelled of dog poo. Now I know what most of you are thinking when confronted with this possibility that the air here smells, so I will go ahead and answer the silent question. Yes I checked the bottom of my shoes in case I had stepped in dog poo and and no there was no poo on the  bottom of my shoes. Now it is possible that the smell was from my shoes and that even if I had  stepped in dog poo the phsyical poo came off of my shoes only leaving behind the smell or stepping near a pile of dog poo was enough to make my shoes stink. However, now that I type this, I am still wearing the same pair of shoes and I don’t smell the stench.  The other possibility is the fact that the environment outside my house really does smell like dog poo. Like all the stench wafted up into the air from all the nearby piles.

  If Portugal’s city has a smell than Winnipeg during our fall clearly has a smell as well. Therefore, we can hardly turn up our noses at them, instead we need to plug our nostrils with cottonballs and learn how to breathe out of our mouth. Maybe this stench can be a unifying factor between us, Canadians, and Europeans because we both have to learn how to deal with our stinky cities and we will come up with a scientific solution much quicker if we work together than if we work apart.

Forunately no smells can survive our terrible winters;  at least I am not going to be outside long enough to test to find out.


Picture from Accessed 19 September, 2012.