Aspergers on so ends another social experiment

Posted: October 1, 2012 in relationships
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I had high hopes for online dating because I often feel like I better express myself when writing than when talking. In the end, however, due to lack of success with this venue I am beginning to think that it is time to pull the plug. Cut the life support because this project no longer has life. Any life it does, have is not worth it because it is in a vegetative state and any kind of quality of life that it can hope to live is dismal. I can still try an online dating website for people with disabilities, however, this does not give me much hope. Finding someone at the same level is unlikely, since women’s social skills are usually much higher and they are less likley to have trouble finding someone who is willing to date them. On Plenty of Fish from what I have heard women recieve 5 times as many responses as men do, therefore, I would have to assume women at the same level as me would not to resort to this measure.
  Speed dating would be really like hitting a dead bird. I am in it for the long game because my initial awkwardness will turn off anyone in the first five minutes if they do not get a chance to realize what a great guy I actually am. To be at all successful in speed dating you only have five minutes to create an amazing impression, therefore, I am thinking that trying this venue of finding a mate would be unsuccessful and full of disappointment and self loathing for me.
  So what choices does that leave me? Meeting someone in person and a matchmaker. I am going to deal with meeting in person first. My choices are to take up someone else’s suggestion and start going to a salsa or dance class, find somewhere to volunteer and hope that I meet someone through that or keep spending as much time at comedy shows with the exact same people. Doing a dance class could be fun, I have fun shaking my ass and being silly in public and in private. I also think finding somewhere to volunteer could also be an amazing oppertunity, I just don’t know how conducive either of these options would be working around my work schedule. Most of these activities happen at night which is most often when I am at my job. I could consider rescheduling my work schedule around a once a week activity, however, there is no guarantee of success at any of these venues and if I use my few free nights a week trying out other activities I will have less time for stand-up comedy which is an activity which has brought me many hours of happiness and is a much better guarantee for making me happy participating in. Nevertheless, the problem with comedy shows is it generally is the same people who have made it quite clear that while they are willing to be my friends they do not want to hangout with me one-on-one or have any kind of romantic or physical relationship. I do not hold this against anyone, however, and say feel free to love whoever you love even if it is not me.
     This leaves me with the option of a matchmaker. I really can’t see any problems with this option, I just don’t know anything about it. I know that companies such as eHarmony exist I just have never heard of anyone using one of these sites. Are there still matchmakers you can go to in person? This option definitely warrants research as it seems like my best option. I have to first learn about it before rushing ahead but as I don’t see any flaws in it at the moment it is definitely worth a try.

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