Aspergers on fashion trends I can’t get behind

Posted: October 2, 2012 in entertainment, life
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Here are some fashion trends I cannot get behind. What were they thinking.

  1. The nose ring.

The septum nasal piercing to me looks hideous. I think that if a person does not look closely enough the metal shining by someone’s nostril just makes it look like they always have a wet runny nose, which frankly is just gross. A stud on the top of the nose is cute and sexy as long as it’s not too big.

2. Gang tattoos under the eye.

2.Gang tattoos. Certain people come into the library with tattoos just underneath their eyes. It looks awful and scary. I definitely would not want one of these men babysitting my child even if they were the child’s uncle. As well, from a gang perspective why do you want to make your affiliations so obvious? Wouldn’t it be better to be able to fly in announced when your planning on shit-kicking the members of rival gangs? Also doesn’t it just draw unnecessary attention from the police?

Father and daughter?


3.Young girls with old men. From the female perspective: Women you are simply showing yourselves off to either be gold diggers or have severe daddy issues. The statement you are making is as clear as the statement you are making with your new prada purse. Is it the statement you want to be making? Now modelling, her Gucci dress, her prada purse and her daddy-issues. Now from the male perspective: Having a woman that much younger than you just makes you look like her dad and a douche. People will constantly be judging you as never having matured and still thinking you are delusional in thinking you can be a bar star and staying awake as long as someone twenty years younger. What do you really have to talk about? What do you really have in common, I mean seriously? It also looks like you think everything is for sale and don’t think anyone has any morals if you give someone enough money you can buy them off which is severely distasteful.


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