Aspergers on excuses for why I don’t want to go to the gym

Posted: October 6, 2012 in sports, Uncategorized
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Top 6 worst excuses for going to the gym in my head right now.


It doesn’t really matter since girls won’t like me either way! This may be true but working out to look sexy for the opposite gender is only one of many reasons to go to the gym. Not going because girls won’t be interested in you so you shouldn’t worry about how you look or your health is like cutting off your nose to spite your face. Your good looks are getting you into the door it’s your personality that gets in the way. Maintain what you got and strive to improve.

I have already missed the gym a bunch of days this week I may as well just start working out next week! It doesn’t matter how many days you miss going to the gym what is important is going to the gym the days you can. Also it is never too late to start the positive momentum of getting yourself to the gym as much as possible.

I am lazy, tired sitting behind a desk all day makes me want to nap! You are always lazy. Your job is not physically intensive, I get it sitting for a long time makes anyone lethargic, but stop being so pathetic.

What the heck am I training for I am not an athlete anymore! You were never much of an athlete to begin with. People with mental disabilities are already seen as fat and ugly every single time someone who is 500 pounds is seen on television. So stop feeling sorry for yourself and go to the gym and let people with the negative stereotypes know that they are wrong, we aren’t all like that.  

I wanna nap! So go do what you need to do first and once you are done you can nap as much as you like. You can nap away the rest of the night if you have to. If that’s your idea of a good Saturday night!

I work too hard with my job I deserve to do whatever I want with my time-off! There’s a difference between working alot of hours and working hard. 

The excuse that you should go watch comedy instead was taken away from you when comedy at the corner was cancelled.


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