Aspergers on just being acknowledged by Jon Elder Robison

Posted: October 6, 2012 in celebrities, entertainment, life, Uncategorized
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Wow, don’t wake me up if I am dreaming but I was just acknowledged by Jon Elder Robison. Many people may not know who he is. I mean there are millions of books out there what are the chances you would pick up his? Well it did win a prestigious award so the chances are greater than one would think but still pretty dismal. His book Look me in the Eye, however, has had a huge impact on me. A few blogs ago I wrote about coming out of the closet about my Aspergers and how there are few role models in the community. To me, however, Jon is one of those role models who I look up to. Him and Temple Grandin, so if anyone knows Temple make sure she reads my blog as well… just kidding (kind of, if you really know her or know someone who knows her and she wants to comment on one of my blogs well I would just faint like a Southern Belle.) I will acknowledge, that they are role models of an adult and that they aren’t in the media spotlight as much as a celebrity, but that works because I am grown-up now. I wouldn’t go up to a child and be like don’t worry about having Aspergers Jon Elder Robison did and look at the incredible things he did. First off, because that child probably has no clue what Aspergers is and is unlikely to have it. Second of all if that child and his street tough group of friends don’t mug me for everything I have on me that child will have gone in got an adult and I will land in other hot water. If that child does happen to have Aspergers and is not frightened off by a stranger approaching them and scenario A or B or A+B don’t happen the chances of them knowing who Jon Elder Robison is are slim. That does not take away from the fact that Jon Elder Robison is an incredible man. Having him acknowledging my writing is like Patton Oswalt or Ricky Gervais flying to Winnipeg to watch me perform at a local open mic. Granted, acknowledging a blog from the comfort of your own home is much easier than flying all the way to Winnipeg, but, there are also way fewer people with Aspergers that I look up to compared to the number of great comedians out there.

To give some background who he is other than an author with Aspergers he was also the person to create the cool guitars for Ace Freeley the guitarist for KISS. He had an incredible life recounted in his book but his work for KISS is probably his claim to fame if a person was to point at one thing. Therefore, he is probably one of the pioneers of rock shows being about so much more than just the music, for better or worse.

   I know I know I should be cooler when meeting or being recognized by someone awesome I look up to like Steve Patterson or Jon Elder Robison. I know they put their pants on one leg at a time just like everyone else. Instead I turn into a big gusher, which is tre not cool.  

   It was a really nice surprise considering that I was feeling really really sick today. In addition, when I checked out how many people had viewed my blog in the last few days the average was like 10 people which is not exactly something to make someone jump for joy. On top of that I was having some trouble at work. Nevertheless, I was checking my WordPress stats as part of a routine I do. First I check Facebook, then I check WordPress and finally I end up on Plenty of Fish to find out that I had received a comment from the man.

I want to end up by saying I am currently 100 pages into the Clash of Kings in the Games of Thrones series by George Martin and it is definitely not disappointing. I have decided to read the book before Season 2 comes out on DVD because Season 1 is exactly like the book and if I want to see what my imagination can do with the book I have to read it first because I am definitely going to watch The Games of Thrones series when it comes out. I hope one day to become a millionth as of an accomplished writer that he is.

PS wouldn’t it be a funny chain of events if he gets really annoyed and sues me for using the cover of his book in this post.


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