Aspergers on being a Z list celebrity

Posted: October 7, 2012 in aspergers, celebrities, comedy
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Yeah, I know I am kind of a big deal in Winnipeg. Sure the majority of people who will recognize me on the street don’t exactly stop me because they know me from comedy and sure I never get anything free because of my celebrity status but I am still a bit of a big shot. I mean occasionally, once in every six months or so, someone will be like “hey, I think I saw you at comedy, you were really funny!” It does happen I am not making it up. I also like to think that I am doing the responsible thing and putting my celebrity status to good use promoting an important cause. While still preventing all this fame from going to my head and giving me a massive ego. I mean I almost went and talked to girl who I didn’t know. I stopped myself at the last minute, but I would not have even considered it 6 months ago.

Here is a list of my achievements of the last 6 months that people might know about:

Was in the local comedy festival, in one of the free shows that happened at the library during noon time.

Appeared on two local mic shows a week. One at the Rose’n’bee and the other at the Cavern on Osborne. Not to brag or anything, but the Cavern is where local Z list stars are born after all.



    Being a Z list celebrity is new to me and it raises many questions. For example, at what point can I go around being like “do you know who I am?” As well, at one point can I get away with dressing garishly in public? What point will girls want to start sleeping with me just because I am so-so famous. As well, how long am I safe before paparazzi start chasing me around on really really slow news days? I think you have to be at least C list internationally, before anyone asks you to play Celebrity Wheel of Fortune for your charity. Does anyone know the rules about that?


  1. I think if you just tell people you are famous..that’s all it takes. you will move up from z list quickly.

  2. Ken Myers says:

    Hey, like your blog. I’m an aspie lawyer in LA, struggling somewhat with issue of ‘coming out’ aspie or what it means, etc. Have been doing soul searching and stuff for…ever? Anyway, when I was a young man, my secret dream was to be on SNL doing sketch comedy. Love Douglas Adams books, wonder if they appeal more to aspies than other (?). Have drawer full of comedic ideas, some stand up stuff, some sketch comedy stuff, some other stuff. About 7 years ago, I took a workshop with a woman who used to write for SNL in the late 70’s, on sketch comedy. My aspieness created an awkward scene and I bailed on completing the workshop, which happens a lot. Anyway, no real point here other than kudos to you actually getting a blog going and doing comedy on stage and all. For a long time I thought my awkwardness would make it impossible for me to be a good trial lawyer, but then I got in front of a jury for the first time, in a really big case, a year ago, and I was like Rain Man in a good way, totally zoned in on it, my boss said I found my calling. I don’t really agree with that, but the point was that aspieness does not hold us back from any particular field, IMHO, rather with our way of focusing (obsessing?) we can be brilliant in just about anything. I don’t think it has to be any harder to be a an aspie comedian than a non-aspie comedian. Dude, comedians NEED a difference so they can blast on stage about it. They need to be fat, ugly, black, female, short, whatever, and then they need to OWN it, and they can find the humor in it. Being aspie is not a hinderance, but a tool that can be very useful. One day, I may get my comedy out there in some public way, maybe write my own Douglas Adams type comedy novel since I’m not really close to doing any sketch comedy with a job & family and at my age (43). I cannot say I’ll ever be back on this blog again, maybe / maybe not. But, anyway, cannot hurt to network with Aspies who like comedy, right? Particularly if they live near Hollywood (assuming you want to make the big scene one day). So feel free to e-mail me if you want. In typical aspie fashion, I don’t really have friends, I generally connect with people when I have a need, then disconnect, which makes those people feel used, which may be true, but I kind of think this is a nice way to interact with people so long as I give back — I love to be useful when some one needs me in some way, so I think I give back what I take and then some. But it is not the neurotypical way to maintain friendships. Shit, I’m writing too much for a blog response to a stranger, so I’ll cut it short, but end with a joke:
    I’m with some friends at some really trendy comedy, not my kind of place, for hipsters and such. I go in the bathroom, very artsy, see they made the urinals very small and put them waist high. I think, that’s kind of cool idea, save room, and less splatter. Take a piss, go back to my friends, when one of them leaves and goes to the bathroom. He comes back and asks me, “Why didn’t you tell me the bathroom has sinks shaped like urinals? That’s so funny!” Well, I got a chuckle out of it when I thought of it, not sure I restated it quite the same but oh well. Of course, it’s all made up, not true anecdote.

    • mrasperger says:

      Thank you for your response. That’s good that your aspergers hasn’t stopped you from finding a woman who wanted to marry you and that you have had a successful law career. I could never be a lawyer have trouble focusing on fine details.

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