Aspergers on having dreams is for dreamers

Posted: October 10, 2012 in aspergers, Uncategorized
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The title while reptitive is something we all have to realize eventually. We all grow up with wild fantasies and dreams of being in the spotlight for fifteen minutes. Some of us continue to dream and pursue comedy, acting or other activities in the limelight. However, at some point we all have to realize that we are just dust in the widn and can’t control our destiny. As a comedian you need to have the producers like you in order to have half a chance of getting your 900 hours and every being good at it. Without this you end up doing something once maybe twice a week and it doesn’t matter how much you want it because if you are performing this infrequently it is time to call yourself what you are a hobbyist and give up on performing on bigger stages. The gap between the people who were the best at first and the others continues to grow as they get all the perks. There is rarely a performer whether it is an athlete or a different kind of performer who goes unnoticed for a long time and then suddenly grows six inches and is the star. College walk-ons and professional athletes are a great story because they are the irregulars and their story does not happen everyday.  Otherwise there would be no point scouting out the players when they are younger. Which would make many people’s jobs useless.

When was the last time you flicked on a television and the star of the movie has few other credits, answer it does not happen. Therefore, most people will pick up that what they hope for is not realistic and will have heartbreak earlier but will get over it and not let themselves get carried away. They will not question every time someone else gets the part, the stage-time, the court-time instead of themselves. Having Aspergers, however, most things people take for granted merely seem like unattainable dreams. For example, finding someone who you will eventually settle down with and who will love you for you seems like a pipe dream when all of the romantic relationships combined in time would equal less than five minutes. Therefore, how much more unrealistic is it to believe that someone will eventually appreciate you as a stand-up comedian and will pay you for it. Someone would say wake-up and smell the coffee but when everything seems like a dream you have no choice but to be a dreamer and hope for the best. Hope that tomorrow will bring a brighter day, another chance, another dream where all your wishes have been fulfilled.


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