Aspergers on the Rainbow

Posted: October 10, 2012 in aspergers, life, relationships, Uncategorized
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The range of the Aspergers spectrum can be compared to a rainbow.   Some colours are really bright and colourful the beauty of them makes you want to stare and stare, sort of like a girl’s bossom. These colours are loved by all and are gentle and beautiful. They are extremely extroverted and people just want to wrap themselves around the purples and the blues. These colours might go through their lifespan without ever encountering a serious problem or realizing that they may not be as bright as the “regular blues and purples.” Nevertheless, they see no reason to be anything but pale.While, along the spectrum of colours the colours start getting deeper and darker to the point where you get the Yellows and the Reds.

     These colours stick out like a sore thumb and no matter how much they try they are not going to get lost in the mix.  The Reds are not the most outgoing colours and have become extremely withdrawn and introverted finding that the other colours don’t understand why it is so dark instead of being more gentle.  However, if there is any greatness it will probably be found in the reds because it stands apart and is so focused on being itself that it knows no other way. It either has no interest or no ability to be anything but bold and being its own colour. It may have tried blending at some point, but that went so terribly that it refuses to ever try again. 

     Sometimes the other colours don’t know what to do with the darker shades within them and wish they were one the lighter colours but can be thankful that they don’t have more darkness not realizing that the darkness is what gives them true wisdom and understanding, while the lightness in them makes them more attune with what is going on around them. However, each of these other colours are made up of a combination and very few rest in the same place. Therefore, think their colour all of their own and can’t appreciate the blue in the orange and the green in the yellow. In addition, the colours often don’t stay the same, while they each have their own natural colour these colours can be dimmed or darkened depending on the rainfall. It is rare for a colour to change drastically but a few have gone all over the spectrum during their lifespan. Nevertheless, each of these colours are beautiful in their own way and no rainbow would be complete without them.

  1. I like the way you explore Aspergers. I’m keen to read more of your posts. Keep it up!

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