Aspergers on the worst kind of bullying

Posted: October 16, 2012 in life
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Let me come out and say it all types of bullying is horrible. Bullying is a hot issue in the news right now because it caused a girl to feel so hopeless that she felt that she had no choice but to commit suicide. Teens can be wonderful and amazing and an inspiration to all mankind with their idealism. For example, Hannah Taylor and her work with the homeless and the Lady Bug foundation is increidble. I know I know, some people may not know who she is, since it’s not only people in Winnipeg who read my blog, so I will take a second to recount her story. Hannah Taylor was a young girl who was able to raise awareness and attention to the homeless and part of her fundraising efforts were to sell merchandise with a lady bug on it. There are also many other examples, teenagers can also be ridiculously cruel. Teenagers even at their cruelest, however, are simply confused teenagers and the people who I am most disappointed with are the adults who this bullying continue or worse. In the newspaper it talks about how a girl was verbally abused in the classroom and the teacher did absolutely nothing, Which is ridculous. These teachers deserve to be laid off or at least suffer extreme reprimands. They are supposed to be the adults and when they do nothing they condone the bullying to continue. Even more disgusting is when the teachers are the bullies themselves because this encourages this horrible behaviour in their students. If adults bully then children will see that their is nothing wrong in picking on people who are weaker than they are or are different. If there were more teachers like this we may as well give up on society as lost. I was bullied in elementary school by two of my teachers, one in grade 4 and the other in grade 5. I thought these teachers were my friends and looked up to them, therefore, I was crushed when these teachers humiliated me in front of the whole class. One of the teachers thought it was acceptable to call me out on being clumsy and that people got hurt when they were around me because I had poor-hand-eye coordination. At recess me and some of the other kids were roughhousing and I had stolen someone’s shoe and had thrown it in the air randomly and it had hit a girl in the face. When we got back from recess the teacher went on what felt like a 10 minute rant about how people got hurt around me. This is completely irresponsible of the teacher and I felt extremely shamed. The shame of this incident has never left me and it was bad enough the bullying I got from my peers because of my being socially awkward but to get it from the teacher was unforgiveable. Having a person in authority and a position of power give me a hard time in front of the whole class was a complete abuse of this power. As much as I admired this teacher before the incident I had no respect for them afterwards and they should have been canned or at least been made to appologize if they did not have the good sense to do it on their own.   


The image is from a great site called kidz4mation.

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