Aspergers on there is more to me than just my disability

Posted: October 19, 2012 in advocacy, celebrities, Uncategorized
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   I know I talk about my disability alot on stage in stand-up comedy and that I have a blog devoted to me discussing what it is like to have Aspergers but there is more to me than just the disability. Last sunday night I was introduced to Zack Bogosian, of the Winnipeg Jets, as a funny guy who has Aspergers. Zack, however, never asked about my disability or any shortcomings I have, nor did he ask about my strengths. Therefore, I was offended that I would be introduced this way. It’s not like I go up to people and am like “hi I am Adam Schwartz and I have a masters degree.” It is up to me to decide who and when I share this information and not for anyone else, except maybe my doctor. Also, there is more to me than just my condition, for example, there’s the fact that I prefer science fiction books or that I prefer chocolate to gummy candy. That I am a devoted son and loving brother.  Instead of a person I am reduced to some kind of victim.

    Another thing that bothers me is when people tell me I don’t look like I have Aspergers. When they usually say that I respond with thank-you because no one wants to “look Austistic”. Which in lies the problem people don’t associate Aspergers and Autism as a spectrum but rather they associate it with the people who are on the extreme of being so internal that they have a hard time looking after themselves. This mental association makes it much harder for people to own their condition and unite instead they want to deny their condition because they don’t want to be seen as the same as the people on the extreme end. At least that’s a major reason why I denied having Aspergers for so long. People who have Aspergers each have their own personality and can vary as much as much as those considered neuropsychologically normal. Therefore there really is no “autistic” or “asperger” look. Also as a secondary concern is the fact that when you tell someone you have Aspergers you are sharing an important fact about yourself and therefore open yourself to being vulnerable and when people deny what you are telling them it is like they are calling you a liar.

  1. I like to think of it as an explanation to some of my actions …… not an excuse …. love your posts. Thank you !

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