Aspergers on does library’s still have a place in this world?

Posted: October 23, 2012 in advocacy, Uncategorized
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I was complaining the other day that not as many people visit the library as I would like to a friend and she replied that “yeah, maybe libaries are going to go extinct.” Lots of people think that they don’t need libraries anymore because you can get lots of the information that you used to have to turn to books for off of the internet. Some of the old folks including part of myself want to question the accountability of lots of the information posted on the internet I mean anyone can post, therefore how reliable can the information really be? However, with so much information out there and so many people viewing these websites everyday it is relatively easy finding good reliable websites which have actual information. How does a person, however, learn to discern between what is factual and what is incorrect information? That is a role that the library can help fill by having classes on information searching. The school day is full enough to expect everything is going to be taught in a 8 hour school day. 

     In addition, with movie rental places like Blockbusters and Rogers Video going under the library becomes the only alternative where you can still go in and browse. Yes you can search for videos online but there is something fun about the browsing process and finding a video that you did not come in expecting. There is also something nice about having the physical object in your hands.

Furthermore many people who do not have a computer at home come into the library to use ours. Until we live in a world were every single person has a computer the library will have a role helping lessen the spread of the digital divide. Even homeless people have a need to access a computer and let the outside world know that they are still alive. This feeling of being connected to what is going on around them and not being socially isolated is almost as important as having food and water and a warm place to sleep.

 The library also acts like a hub in the community educating many elderly people on how to use a computer. We also have all sorts of programs that would appeal to a wide variety of people. In addition to having posters to provide people with information of upcoming events in their community. Sure this last one is not so important of you go into Stella’s or the like where there is a community bulletin, but, how often do you think people without alot of money eat out? Restaurants are not exactly excited about the possibility of having people come in and sit around for hours without ordering anything. This is particularly dreadful on wet rainy days like today. Therefore, the library will always exist and will always have an important role to play in any society.

Plus I find reading a paper book way more enjoyable than reading on a computer. This may be a generational thing , however, and may not be as important of a reason in the future. Only time will tell.

Finally, libraries are important because they provide me a job. I have a hard time making a sale when it comes to getting women to give me a chance. I have a realistic idea of how horrible and unemployed I would be if the library did not exist and we only had private enterprises only interested in making a quick buck.


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